Decentralized and Clean Energy Trading is the Missing Piece of Sustainability in the Energy Sector 1

5ire, through its proprietary blockchain technology, 5ireChain, aims to address real-world problems that border on sustainability and ESG concerns. As part of its vision for a sustainable future, 5ire offers an enterprise-level blockchain environment for the development of blockchain applications bordering the energy sector.

The Blockchain Option for the Energy Sector

The decentralized nature of blockchain technology has disruptive effects on industries. If deployed, this technology will reform the structure of small and large enterprises. 

Its potential includes cutting down the cost of running a business and enabling transparency and efficiency. It will boost consumer trust because of the higher level of transparency in blockchain applications. 

While different sectors are beginning to deploy blockchain in their business model, most of it remains largely experimental. The reason is not far fetched following the difficulties involved with implementing a blockchain-powered system. 

5ireChain is a blockchain solution that offers a distributed environment for developers and enterprises venturing into the blockchain arena. It provides a robust ecosystem for the development of blockchain applications, with an emphasis on applications addressing ESG concerns. 

The fundamentals of the 5ireChain ecosystem draw from the tenets of sustainable development goals adopted by the UN. Simply put, the vision of 5ire is to address sustainability issues with blockchain. The world at large is grappling with sustainability challenges as most of the current systems running the global economy are imposing existential threats to life forms on earth. This calls for a radical overhaul of the current business models, processes and governance procedures in vogue with contemporary society. 

By far and large the energy sector will benefit from distributed ledger technology. Beyond driving innovations, this technology will revolutionise the existing models in the sector. From smart metering, real-time data management, smart grid application and others, the blockchain use case for the energy sector pops up as adoption takes a step further.

By offering itself as the go-to for enterprise-level blockchain solutions, 5ire is poised to address the challenges in the energy sector, offset carbon footprints and build a green future.

Blockchain in Wholesale Electricity Distribution

The electricity distribution system is filled with regulations from governmental bodies. This, alongside other agents like banks, brokers, and retailers impose friction in the distribution process. This complex distribution system creates room for corruption, creating the possibility of consumers paying more than they used. 

DLT can simplify electricity distribution by cutting third party players off the grid. Electricity can be sold directly to consumers over a blockchain while tracking usage and price fluctuations on the go. 

With blockchain, user-generated data can be stored.

Blockchain in Energy Trading

Peer-to-peer trading is another fast-rising application of blockchain in the energy sector. People buy or sell excess energy to and from the grid.

While energy demands rise, it results in the need to increase power allocation to the community or region in question. With peer to peer trading, users can sell their excess power back to the grid. This helps to balance the energy demand imposed on the grid. 

More so, peer to peer trading enables users to sell their self-generated renewable energy like solar to a microgrid and others with high energy demand buy from this energy pool. This not only creates a self-sustaining renewable energy system but also promotes the adoption of green energy. 

Bottom Line 

Blockchain in the energy sector will transform the industry and lead to a sustainable way of generating and selling energy. This is alongside other nascent technologies like IoT and AI. 

5ireChain is a one-stop-shop blockchain ecosystem that offers a decentralized environment for individual and enterprise-level blockchain needs. 

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