Flashtalking by Mediaocean Fully Integrates Verification to Inform Next-Generation Ad Serving and Optimization 1

Unified offering provides a new industry model for managing viewability, brand safety, and fraud protection by adding verification natively into ad serving

Flashtalking by Mediaocean, the leading global independent platform for omnichannel ad management, data-driven creative messaging, and unified insights, announced the availability of fully-integrated verification for its ad serving clients. The new solution eliminates the need for tag wrapping, along with the extra time and cost overhead typically needed to compare ad serving and verification data at the impression level. Real-time availability of verification data alongside impression data also supports dynamic optimization and other real-time use cases.

“Verification evolved as a third-party offering only because the dominant buy-side ad server was also a major inventory provider.” said John Nardone, President of Mediaocean. “An independent ad server free from media conflicts can tie verification data to delivery data impression by impression, improving optimization, attribution, delivery efficiency, and opening the door to additional innovations. This was not previously available in the market, and it will reduce operational headaches and fees. We’re excited for our clients to take advantage of this.”

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In 2021, Flashtalking acquired Protected Media, an innovative verification provider that was one of the first to be MRC-accredited for SIVT (sophisticated invalid traffic), inclusive of fraud detection, in CTV. The vision behind this acquisition was to fully integrate verification into ad serving, setting the stage for new efficiencies that are difficult to achieve without a unified offering. Today’s announcement confirms that the integration is now complete. Additionally, as part of Flashtalking and Mediaocean, Protected Media has been recertified for 2022 by the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG).

“We saw an opportunity to natively integrate a verification solution to reduce the operational burden of brand safety,” said Michael Tuminello, VP of verification strategy at Mediaocean. “One additional benefit is that we’re able to integrate verification data into our optimization models to remove invalid impressions and to improve model accuracy. We will continue to support third-party verification solutions with the goal of always helping our clients with workflow and tools that drive success and efficiency.”

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The integrated display and video verification offering supports brand safety/fraud protection, and MRC-accredited SIVT and viewability, while providing key benefits to advertisers and agencies including:

  • Attention metrics: Signals reflecting viewer time and behavior as part of verification reporting
  • Trusted Impressions: Brand assurance metric that accounts for non-fraudulent, viewable, and brand-safe impressions
  • No tag wrapping: Simple checkbox in the platform enables verification, without any need for backend integrations, additional meetings, and possible code incompatibilities
  • Integrated data: Having all the data in one platform makes it easier to get metrics like viewable conversions, and opens the door to optimization and real-time data usage

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