MIG Welding Tips For Metal Steel Welding 1

MIG Welding Tips For Metal Steel Welding 2

Metal Inert Gas (MIG) Welding is widely considered as the most streamlined welding technique available, enabling even the most amateur of welders to complete their work at speeds much faster than if they were to use any of the alternatives. For the same reason, it also allows welding contractors to save time whenever they are working on large-scale metal fabrication projects. However, there are still a handful of things that beginners overlook, which would otherwise make their work significantly better should they be observed. Topweld General Engineering, one of the companies offering metal fabrication services in Albury, New South Wales, shared a few of these useful tips that would undoubtedly benefit new welders.

Correct Preparation

MIG welding has three major components, a power supply that generates electricity for the arc to form, a machine that continuously feeds the consumable wire electrode into the weld gun, and the tanks that will provide the shield gas that protects the weld pool from the elements.

Power Source – Direct current is always preferred in MIG welding, as it provides a steady and continuous flow of electricity that will only need to be calibrated with regards the depth of penetration required. An arc with a higher amperage will penetrate the metal deeper. This should be considered when welding stainless steel of varying thickness.

Shield Gas – A mixture of inert gasses(also called noble gasses in the periodic table)  is used as the shield gas, which can vary depending on the materials being worked on. For example, an aluminum and structural fabrication would require Argon and Helium gas shields as it is the most compatible for the alloy.

Filler Metal – the wire filler metal should also be appropriate to the material being used. Using an incompatible alloy may compromise the overall durability of the weld making it prone to cracking and warping. For aluminum welding, it is recommended to use either a 4043 or a 5356 alloy for a smoother or stronger weld respectively.

Protective Gear – it is highly recommended that proper safety equipment be utilized for any kind of weld, as this will reduce the risk of injury and also make the welding experience much easier. The most important of these equipment include the welding helmet, safety goggles, industrial gloves, and leather apron. Observing this safety procedure is vital to Topweld’s quality-control.


MIG Welding Tips For Metal Steel Welding 3

It is far too common for people doing their welding outdoors to disregard the cleanliness of their work. This, however, has massive implications to the integrity of their work. Contaminants and impurities on the surface of the metals could contribute to increased porosity, which is the presence of tiny gaps and holes in the joint. Giving the material a proper grind and wash before the weld will remove most of these threats. This is especially useful when conducting pipe and tube welding services in New South Wales, as sanitary welds are often mandatory for industrial and residential projects.

Keeping an Ear Out for Irregularities

Just as a person would listen to the sound their car engine makes in order to determine whether or not there is a problem in their vehicle, so should a welder take a look at their machine whenever it makes an unfamiliar sound. A hoarse and unusually loud sound might indicate that the voltage is too low, whereas a loud hiss might signal the complete opposite. This usually comes with experience, and is much too complex to be explained through written text, but there are plenty of videos online that shows what these instances would sound like.

Using Both Hands

MIG Welding Tips For Metal Steel Welding 4

For a more precise MIG weld, the welder should try to use both hands whenever they can. One hand should hold the trigger while the other keeps the back of the weld gun still. This is why having proper safety equipment is important. It helps the welder get closer to their work without endangering themselves.

Practice on Scrap Metal

Welders can and should use scrap metal to warm up before they do any high-stakes welding. This is a good way to prepare the welder’s hands for long periods of work and can also be done to test the settings of the welding machine.

Final Remark

In MIG welding, it is not mandatory to use additional equipment beyond the essentials to produce high-quality results. All they need to do is understand how different often unseen factors can affect their weld, and what they can do to mitigate their effects. With enough practice, anyone can be a competent welder, the likes of which not too far off from the feats that the professionals from Canberra’s top stainless steel fabrication services can achieve.

Topweld General Engineering is a reliable company that provides stainless steel and aluminum fabrication services in Griffith, NSW. They are capable of working on their in-house workshops, or on-site with their mobile welding services. Their contact information is provided on their website.

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