Author Kathleen Dutton debuts her first novel Out of Habit under self-publisher Inks and Bindings 1
Author Kathleen Dutton debuts her first novel Out of Habit – a romantic suspense story targeted at the teen and young adult audience – under self-publisher Inks and Bindings.

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Based in Michigan, Kathleen Dutton retired from her profession as a clinical engineer training cardiologists in the US to pursue her love of storytelling. Kathleen has been passionate about the craft of writing since childhood, viewing it as a window to a world of unlimited possibilities. 

“Kathleen’s dream of becoming a fiction writer and sharing her stories with a wider audience has come to fruition in her first novel Out of Habit, which is targeted at teens and young adults. Out of Habit is essentially a romantic suspense story that deals with the topic of past traumas and how they impact our present,” explains a representative for Inks and Bindings.

Kathleen Dutton’s debut novel centers around young protagonist Allison Weston who has lived under the sheltering arms of the nuns at St. Ives Institution since the age of ten. Concerned that Allie is hiding from the nightmares of a tragic childhood, her guardian, Sister Margaret, insists that she experience life outside the institution before taking her vows. 

After graduating college, Allie leaves the familiarity of St. Ives, finding herself on her own for the first time since childhood. During her ventures, she meets rookie reporter, Ryan Harper, who suspects Allie holds some dark secrets. He hungers to break her story. However, he doesn’t bargain on falling in love and struggles with the delicate balance of unleashing the torment of Allie’s past without damaging her in the process.

“Guided by Kathleen’s deep understanding of the human psyche and the delicate nature of love, we follow the pair’s tale with Ryan’s unyielding support, Allie discovers the courage to face the shattering truth of her past and change the things we do strictly Out of Habit.

“We’re very excited to be part of Kathleen’s journey as she discovers her inner storyteller and honored that she chose Inks and Bindings to help launch her first novel. We look forward to many more great works from this talented author,” concludes the representative.

Out of Habit is available for purchase on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and the Book Depository. It comes in large print paperback and Amazon Kindle formats.

About the Author

Kathleen Dutton has been passionate about the craft of writing since childhood, viewing it as a way to enter a world of unlimited possibilities. She retired from the professional world where she worked as a clinical engineer, training cardiologists in the US, to pursue her passion for storytelling. When she’s not penning fiction, Kathleen enjoys life with her husband, and family, especially in northern Michigan where Hemmingway spent time while writing his early novels.

About Inks and Bindings

Inks and Bindings is a premier self-publishing company located at the heart of California. Aptly based where fashion, entertainment, and culture thrive, Inks and Bindings is focused on helping independent authors bring their literary works to life and reach readers across the globe.

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