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The new platform provides game-changing technology for brands to add NFTs into their business.

NFTs are an exciting new technology that enables people for the first time to own digital assets, and for creators to monetize their work for an entire lifetime. As more artists and businesses seek to utilize this, they struggle to deal with the technological hurdles. Certhis.io has created a new platform that is a gamechanger in the NFT field by streamlining the process from beginning to end.

This starts with creating your NFTs and deploying a collection to any website from which they can be minted and then sold.

Certhis simplifies this with a new feature that allows users to bulk upload their entire collection, as many as 10,000 items, with a simple drag and drop of a folder.

Like all other features on the platform, this doesn’t require any coding knowledge.

The next challenge for the creator is to sell their NFT collection. Currently most artists choose one of the well known NFT marketplaces, but that’s not an ideal solution. Usually business, service provider or artist would prefer to drive their customer traffic to their own website and sell from there. This concept hasn’t quite caught on in the NFT world, as it requires advanced coding.

But the developer team at Certhis says it was crucial for them to enable creators, web agencies or businesses to allow minting and buying of their NFTs directly from their own website. Even providing them integration tools to display these NFTs on websites built with WordPress, Shopify, Wix. They can also choose to promote and sell from their collection page on the Certhis Mint Explorer, an exciting new platform where consumers can mint NFTs directly from collections displayed there.

These developments are helping make NFTs accessible like any other product available for sale on a website.

But one difference between NFTs and other products is that they allow businesses to earn royalties from secondary sales. The new platform even enables multiple collections created under one label, managing all the royalties and providing unique monetizing possibilities. This allows businesses to collaborate with their partners and suppliers, and set different royalties for each one. While all these NFT collections are under one label, promoting a certain brand.

Creators can also leverage the power of social media through the Certhis affiliate program, the first of its kind. This way NFT creators can reward influencers and active community members with an affiliate commission for every mint landed through their social networks. Coupled with Certhis’ groundbreaking royalty structure, the collaboration possibilities are endless.

Certhis will launch a Beta version within 2 months, for more details and how to register, visit https://certhis.io/

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