Get ready for customizable luxury Swiss-powered watches, now available on Kickstarter. 1
Metisse is extending a unique collection of highly elegant Swiss-powered wristwatches that are affordable and offers easy customization.

The watch industry is all set to witness exciting times ahead, courtesy a London-based visionary watch company. Titled “Metisse”, the company has recently launched a unique collection of Swiss-powered luxe watches on Kickstarter that stand out with individual customization facilities. The classy Metisse watches also assure an affordable price point to make luxury Swiss watches finally affordable for the masses.

Metisse introduces an exclusive collection of unique, premium, and beautiful luxury wristwatches that are intelligently designed for individual customization. Users will be able to choose from a vast range of classy dials, case shapes, and strap options that they can mix and  match as per their particular needs.

Get ready for customizable luxury Swiss-powered watches, now available on Kickstarter. 2

“The watch market has become extremely stagnant today, All you have these days is the plain and dated silver, gold, and black watches – there is barely any kind of experimentation and customization options. This is where Metisse comes to the rescue. At Metisse, our motto is to offer you a unique art piece that you can personalize as per your personal style statement and you can wear every day. We wish to give you something that’s not just elegant and luxury, but also ‘your’ watch- and that too at an affordable price point”, stated Noura  El Bahi, watch connoisseur and the founder of Metisse.

Metisse watches come in two different case shapes- Oval and Hexagonal.  Both the cases command attention with luxuriously polished stainless steel finish, accentuated by an elegant screw-in crown; they are available in multiple color choices as well.

When it comes to straps, users can try out edgy stainless steel mesh straps or settle for rich Italian leather (luxe smooth ones or elegant textured  options) ones. The straps come with quick-release functionality for instant switch and mix-and-match. All the cases, dials, straps from the company are offered in a versatile range of amazing colors.

Get ready for customizable luxury Swiss-powered watches, now available on Kickstarter. 3

Top features of Metisse watches:

  • Luxury Swiss-powered watches with customization facility
  • Swiss Ronda 762 movement
  • Sapphire Glass crystal
  • 5.0 mm crown
  • 5 ATM water-resistance
  • Eco-friendly production approach
  • 5 years of warranty

Metisse is a responsible brand backed by eco-friendly ethos. The company has used environmental-friendly production methods that require less water consumption to conserve the natural resources. Additionally, a major share of materials used in developing the watches is recycled. All Metisse watches used will be shipped in eco-friendly boxes and part of the revenue will be donated for construction of medicinal laboratories in impoverished regions of Africa.

On one hand, our watches are quintessentially elegant classics and on another, they are smart enough to match up to modern times. Whether it’s a corporate meet or a cocktail party, unique luxury Metisse watches will be a sureshot head-turner. Most importantly, with Metisse watches, you have something that will always bear your own signature. As of now, we are looking to start mass production and hence this Kickstarter campaign. Your generous support will enable us to bring Metisse watches to life and make things more exciting for the contemporary timepiece scene.”

Backers will be rewarded with exclusive Kickstarter discounts on Metisse watches. To show your support for the campaign, please visit Kickstarter

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