Livestorm Launches First-Ever Video Engagement Score 1

New tool will allow event and meeting organizers to better understand the impact of their virtual events through hard metrics

Livestorm, a first video engagement platform that enables people to manage their professional video events, today announced the launch of their Video Engagement Score™ (VES). VES is a new way to evaluate the success of online events based on a new scoring system. The easy-to-use index is designed to be accessible from all video conferencing platforms.

While metrics like the number of registrants and attendance rates used to be the only considerations when measuring the success of an event, they are no longer the sole way to determine if a meeting or event met its goals. Through VES, Livestorm has developed scoring metrics that allow organizers to establish if a meeting was truly a success by looking at key factors including not only how many people attended, but how long they stayed, how many of the polls launched impacted engagement and how many overall messages, poll votes and questions were sent. Each factor is assigned a rate in order to calculate success, offering hosts an entirely new outlook on how to measure success.

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“Many companies find it difficult to measure the success of their events. Without a way to analyze the event elements, it’s hard to know if an event achieved its objectives,” said Gilles Bertaux, co-founder and CEO of Livestorm. “Video Engagement Scoring is an innovative way to determine whether events are having a real impact, so that future events can be better tailored.”

According to the latest figures recorded by clients on Livestorm’s platform, the average video engagement for virtual events of 100-500 people, over a six month period, is estimated to be 53. Scores range from 1 to 100 and a virtual event is considered a success from 70 and up. To date, the highest video engagement ever recorded on the platform is 93. Depending on the score received, an event organizer will receive helpful feedback to help continuously improve their engagement score.

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