A Global Awakened United Summit Honors Trailblazing Hero Ryan Long Along with Discussing the Contribution of Kessa Gooden 1
The organization has held this Event to pay tribute to Ryan Long and promote his legacy.

Global Awakened Initiative Inc is a charity-based non-profit organization founded by Kessa Gooden. The organization holds a meeting along with a VIP dinner in the presence of eminent guest speakers, CEOs, and entrepreneurs. The organization’s goal is to provide necessities to the homeless, provide people with quality education, and offer capital provisions to startup businesses. The organization’s aim is to implement on these objectives and become the most recognized foundation due to its positive impact in the United States. The heroic personality behind this impactful gathering, where people are gathered to work for a common cause, is Ryan Long. His goal is to continue to build the momentum and share more about Global Unity worldwide and, Kessa Gooden made sure to continue his legacy and contribute fully to society.

Besides being an author and motivational speaker, Kessa Gooden is a life-coach mentor, and a philanthropist. It is undeniable that her skills as a speaker have made her one of the most famous motivational speakers. Many men and women have been empowered and inspired by her. At a very young age of 14 years, she resettled in the United States, and ever since, she is on her own without any lead. Her desire to give back to society and honor Ryan Long’s legacy has led her to be one of the world’s most successful women. She is self-reliant and is the CEO of multiple businesses.

“What are your issues, marriage, finance, Abused and relationship? Look no further; I can assure you that this information will mend your challenges, and put a big smile on your face. You are a specially invited VIP, and we sincerely hope you can join us for the New Enterprise of Business Summit MAY 20-22, 2022, and the Global Awakened United VIP Dinner. We also would love for you to join us on a Sunday Campaign Brunch Cruise. In addition, we are very excited to honor your commitment to excellence in your life, your business, and the world at large. Please come, celebrate with us! Hear incredible speakers as they share their expertise with you, enjoy networking with other VIPs and guests, and enjoy”, says Kessa Gooden, Global Awakened Initiative.

Even though Ryan Long is late and deceased, Kessa Gooden had the urge to realize his dream and provide a better lifestyle to Africans. Ryan Long, a trailblazing hero, always made sure to spread global unity worldwide and treat people equally without bringing cast, color, and religion in between. He worked with several organizations and gained a lot of respect for his selfless and empathetic work. His efforts and zeal were not in vain; rather, he did his best to make a lasting impact on society. Today, Global Awakened Initiative Inc. continues to stay committed to constantly doing something to help others’ plight because of him and Kessa Gooden.

Ryan Long’s contribution to the global unity worldwide is worthy of praise, and many famous motivational speakers were present at the meeting to pay him their wholehearted respect and tribute. The speakers included Snoop Dogg, John Travolta, Kevin Hart, Halle Berry, Daymond John, and Tai Lopez. In addition, the organization shows gratitude to Donna Shepherd for receiving the honorary award for Ryan Long’s legacy at Global Unity Foundation.

To know more information about the event, click on the website https://www.unityhonorawards.com/sponsors.


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