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We are all here for a reason, and each of us has a journey to take. Of course, many people don’t even know their purpose and journey, but Asif Ali Gohar is not one of them. Since his early adult years, he has been interested in one thing, and he is still pursuing it with passion.

Here is Asif’s journey into vegan leather.

Asif’s Childhood And Upbringing

Asif was born in Karachi, Pakistan, and that is the place where he was raised for eleven years. When Asif turned twelve, he shifted with his family to Germany, where his life completely changed. Asif became more sensitive and understood the needs of others better, even animals.

That is when Asif realized that it is not okay for us to kill animals and eat them as food. After all, we must learn to co-exist in peace with them. The shift to veganism was a turning point in Asif’s life, and it changed everything for him.

Figuring Out The Life Purpose

Asif’s interest in veganism grew slowly but surely, and he began exploring this domain in his life. He started looking into vegan leather during high school as it was part of a project. After that, he was enrolled in university, and that is where the real transformation took place.

Asif began experimenting with various materials, and he finally found the rice to be a viable vegan substitute for leather. He found a formula of acetic acid bacteria and yeast to create a vegan rice leather slime. Then, Asif knew his life purpose was to create vegan leather using rice as it was an affordable and accessible material.

Asif’s Challenges With The Business Side Of Things

While Asif has a great idea and vision, he still has challenges that he needs to overcome. One of the biggest challenges Asif faces is the lack of investment and resources. That is because the money he has is not enough to create a vegan leather business to change the world.

He will need the help of other people to kickstart his business and create vegan leather using rice. Finding such investors is not easy, and the journey has been challenging to say the least. Asif is also looking for knowledgeable people in rice and leather to help him perfect his vegan leather formula even further so that his business idea is ideal for people.

Join Hands With Asif Today

If you are in the rice or leather industry or you are an investor, please feel free to get in touch with Asif Ali Gohar today. A little help will go a long way in helping him fulfill his life purpose, as nothing is easy in these times. You can gain more information from him and decide if you support his vision.

So, please contact us today for more information on vegan leather and Asif. We are available at all times, and we will be more than happy to assist you further and connect you with Asif.

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