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Publish magazines online easily with FlipHTML5.
Digital magazines have become more popular than printed ones. FlipHTML5’s digital magazine maker lets users produce eye-catching magazines quickly and with little effort.

Magazines have long been a source of information and entertainment. Their colorful covers and glossy pages beckoned from newsstands, offering the ordinary person a glimpse into the life of the extraordinary. There has, however, been a shift from these albeit attractive magazines to digital ones. Digital magazines are more convenient, offer more features, and are surprisingly easy to produce. A digital magazine maker will turn out these masterpieces in no time. FlipHTML5 is an easy-to-use digital magazine maker with both a fully online version and downloadable desktop software.

This digital magazine maker quickly and automatically converts PDF and MS Office files and images to interactive digital magazines with page-flipping effects and sound. Flipping through one of these magazines will be like flipping through a printed one, only better. To make the magazine creation process faster and easier, there are several templates to choose from for the magazine’s layout. There are also themes and backgrounds to beautify the magazine.

FlipHTML5’s digital magazine maker allows users to add dynamic multimedia with a powerful online editor. Gone are the days of magazines being limited to images and text. Publishers can now immerse their readers in a myriad of experiences with the use of audio and videos. They can take them to places that a printed magazine would only be able to describe. Readers can see how things are done instead of simply reading about them. Animations and GIFs will add an element of fun. And hyperlinks make ads more effective as readers can go to product websites by just clicking a link.

Publishing a magazine is also easier with the use of a digital magazine maker. FlipHTML5 offers several offline and online publishing options. Users can publish their completed digital magazines in ZIP or HTML format. Or they can upload them to the FlipHTML5 cloud for free storage and web hosting. There’s a virtual bookcase for displaying multiple magazines. Users can also upload their magazines to their website directly.

This digital magazine maker allows publishers to sell their magazines with its eCommerce feature. All proceeds from sales go to the user’s PayPal account. And Google Analytics is integrated for sales tracking.

“Our digital magazine maker takes the hassle out of producing top-notch magazines,” says Winston Zhang, CEO of FlipHTML5.

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