How could Popland shift career paths of originators, since music copyright war has spread to Web3. 1
Recently, Popland was born and announced that it would use blockchain technology and AI big data technology to solve the differences in copyright laws and payment tools among various countries.

With the development of Internet technology, more new terms have appeared in front of us. In 2014, Gavin first proposed the concept of Web3.0. Web3.0, as it is commonly be known today, is an open, untrusted, with the permission-free form of decentralized network built on open protocols and blockchains, which  enable users to interact with data and value through point to point networks without the need of third parties. Nowadays, music copyright dispute has entered the stage of normalization. Many original singers own copyright issues with copyright dispute as we can also learn about the famous singers can only sing one or two sentences of their original songs during a concert usually. This is because the copyright problem has not been properly resolved. Can Web3.0 provide us with solutions to the problems of insufficient income of creators, burying excellent works and normalizing copyright disputes in the current music field? Could the new platforms that emerged bring benefits to the original musicians?


1. Popland was born among the new music platforms caused by Copyright issues.

The new music platform that was born with the new form called PopLand music NFT. PopLand is the platform that focusing on music copyright protection and blending all the elements of music to provide transparent music ownership ( that is also recorded on blockchain), and through the “original copyright pledge digging” to return part of profits to pledge pool in order to maximize the protection of NFT’s copyright value and owner’s rights and interests. Meanwhile, PopLand enables efficient, fast and low-cost creation, storage, distribution, trading and IP derivative development for all forms of digital music in the world. PopLand has brought a great influence on the original music industry in the form of Web3.0, and a series of problems faced by original musicians have the possibilities to be solved to some extent in reality.

2. Popland brings new blood to original music, and reflects the new advantages of the industry.

Popland also has a huge impact on the industry, that giving creators an important way to connecting their fans to wealth. Popland’s unique advantage lies in its NFT copyright pledge mechanism, which provides musicians and digital music consumers with a new digital content transaction flow model. Popland also uses blockchain technology and AI big data technology to solve the differences in copyright laws and payment tools among various countries, that can reduce copyright transaction disputes, reduce transaction costs and improving transaction efficiency. NFT asset owners entrust Popland with copyright ownership to manage and operate the NFT asset through pledge, which greatly reduces the management difficulty of NFT asset and even makes it more convenient.

3. Popland operation and management advantages make original music copyright has a greater guarantee.

Popland now has successful operation effects both at home and abroad. At present, there are more than 10,000 famous music artists signed with the platform worldwide; there are more than 6,000 global community distribution areas; more than 100 overseas mainstream cooperation institutions work together with the platform; there are more than 3,000 overseas media and financial partners of it; there are more than 60 overseas strategic investment institutions, and the number of overseas POP fans reaches 1 billion. Popland’s management team is an excellent overseas team. The platform is co-found by Taylor Alison Swift and other famous musicians and bands. It is created to protecting the copyright of music digital collection. At the same time, NFT digital trading platform can provide decentralized exchange, wealth management, cross-chain asset exchange, land sales, mining ecology, Gamefi and other decentralized financial services system. With advanced management technology and experience, the team does not need to worry too much about the operation and management issues of the platform. The professional management technology brought by the professional team can also make the platform run more smoothly and bring back greater benefits.

It can be seen that Popland has a huge market potential and has brought new vitality to the original music industry. However, on the other hand, the emergence and development of emerging industry platforms are still facing great problems and challenges. Currently, the limited number of people who are paying attention to the development progress of this aspect is also a major constraint. What should be taken into consideration is that there are very few players in this track at present, and it has the potential to become a boom, which is worth expecting.

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