Interactive Film “Crazy Startup Idea” by MeetFounders is the Next Big Thing for Business Education 1
The world’s first venture capital video game aims to change the future of education while players choose-their-own-adventure

The new interactive film “Crazy Startup Idea” created by MeetFounders is an answer to the secret wish of students everywhere… For video games to replace their classrooms. If they had the choice, which would students find more engaging; a multiple-choice exam, or an interactive film where they get to watch their favorite celebrity act out each choice?

The team at MeetFounders want to take the technology of interactive films and apply it to online education, teaching real life business skills while playing a video game. They are currently raising funds for their project from the public, and details can be found at

Who are MeetFounders? Over the last two years, the UK company MeetFounders have proven themselves a force to be reckoned with in the startup and venture capital world. The company was founded in the middle of the pandemic, and in less than two years hosted 40+ venture capital and startup conferences worldwide. Venture capitalists are investors who give millions in funding to startups, and hundreds of startups attended their conferences to learn how to attract investors and build their startup from experts in the field. The MeetFounders testimonials page is filled with stories of startups who came to their events looking for their first institutional investment and have now raised millions. This puts them in a unique position to create a business education game, and we can’t wait to see how it turns out.

Rather than writing another book on how to start a company, their goal is to make a choose-your-own-adventure film where the player controls the fate of a founder through the trials of creating a company. Each potential storyline is based on real-life advice from experts in the field, giving players the opportunity to learn real concepts in startup building and raising investment.

Online education is the new normal. Over the last few years, online education and EdTech startups have been making their impact on the world. From MasterClass to edX and Udemy, these companies are valued at billions of dollars because they address a fundamental need in an ever more connected world. Through the power of video, they teach key skills and reach directly into our homes – allowing folks to learn entrepreneurship from professors at Harvard or take cooking lessons from Gordon Ramsay, all from the comfort of home.

At the same time, companies like Netflix and HBO are exploring the potential of interactive films as streaming platforms like Disney Plus and Amazon Prime expand rapidly. Netflix’s film “Bandersnatch” is a great example; it allows the audience to choose what the characters do, just like the classic choose-your-own-adventure books from our childhood.

These films have great potential for entertainment, but even more potential for the future of education, designed in a world that spends more time on YouTube and TikTok than they do reading books or at university.

Head to for details on the video game, or to learn about their conferences.

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