King Trading Systems provides stock trading advice designed to work in both bear and bull markets. 1
King Trading Systems is made up of a team of traders who have decades of experience trading stocks and options in a variety of market conditions and scenarios.

The King Trading Systems team comprises advisors who have been formally trained as financial analysts, have real-world experience trading stocks and options, and are backed by a solid team of researchers. The experience of their team with the invaluable investment insight that each of them has garnered over the years is what truly sets them apart from other trading services. With win rates up to 95.918% and quadruple digit returns, their results put them head and shoulders above their competitors.

Their goal is to find high probability trades, while using defined risk strategies to help limit losses through their unique trading strategies. The philosophy is simple: to trade securities with the highest probability of success and greatest return possible. The goal is to have the highest number of consistently profitable trades possible while either minimizing losses or turning them into profitable trades through their unique trading strategies.

King Trading Systems is not trying to hit home runs. Instead, they consistently want to get on base and win the game over time. It has been their experience that people who consistently try to beat the market big all at once usually lose. The platform has developed (and continues to improve) its trading systems to where they feel they often provide consistent profits. Some people say that it’s often so consistent that it’s like receiving an extra paycheck. As their premium trading alert service offers, on average, two trades per week, making it perfect for busy professionals who still want to trade the market.

Currently, King Trading Systems offer a premium options trading alert service where its subscribers are sent weekly trade alerts via email. (For more on their service, please see the details found here.) Their alerts are laid out in a simple, easy-to-follow format where their subscribers can quickly either enter the trade themselves or read the instructions to their broker to have them place the trade or make the adjustment on their behalf.

There is no need to spend hours learning how to trade or reading charts – we give you exactly what you need to begin trading right away. While the company does trade stocks, they like to focus primarily on trading options for several reasons.

Trades With Limited & Defined Risk

Each option trade that they place has a limited amount of potential loss. Unlike stocks (which can crash and go to zero), users know with their options trades exactly what their maximum loss might be.

Trade Alerts That Money in Any Market

Trading options allow Kings Trading System to make money whether the market or security goes up in value, down in value, stays the same, or does all three over the period.

Aside from their trade alert service, they also offer educational stock & option trading resources on their website here, as well as market related updates on their blog here.

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