Krypto Watt Showcases The Revolutionary KryptoHeat At The 2022 Bitcoin Conference 1
Providers of innovative crypto mining solutions, Krypto Watt, takes KryptoHeat, an earth-friendly crypto mining system to the recently concluded Bitcoin Conference in Miami Florida

Krypto Watt Showcases The Revolutionary KryptoHeat At The 2022 Bitcoin Conference 2

The team at Krypto Watt has seemingly hit new heights following a successful exhibition at the 2022 Bitcoin Conference that recently took place in Miami Florida. It was a perfect platform for Krypto Watt to showcase their innovative crypto mining system, KryptoHeat, which is designed to save the planet from possible degradation as a result of the heat generated by mining cryptocurrencies.

Mining of digital currencies has remained one of the hottest topics in the blockchain space over the years, as crypto enthusiasts worldwide seek ways of improving their portfolios. However, crypto mining has also had its fair share of controversies, especially with environmentalists questioning the impact of the activity on the planet. However, Shawn Blackwell and his Krypto Watt team aim to make a difference with the launch of KryptoHeat.

KryptoHeat is designed to capture the heat generated by crypto mining and reuse it for useful purposes, with immersion cooling and thermal storage. The device enables miners to use energy already being consumed for other needs to mine crypto, ultimately ensuring that crypto mining does not lead to increased energy usage. Consequently, everyone, crypto miners enjoy a green earth-friendly option for proof of work cryptocurrencies. The KryptoHeat™ system helps to eliminate almost 100% of crypto energy requirements while increasing the profitability of crypto mining, and decreasing or eliminating negative environmental impact, delivering an all-inclusive solution for everyone, irrespective of their bias towards digital currency.

The decision to take the innovative KryptoHeat system to the Bitcoin Conference is particularly laudable, allowing Krypto Watt to reach a wider audience. The Bitcoin Conference has been described as the largest congregation of Bitcoin and crypto enthusiasts, bringing together some of the biggest names in the blockchain space as well as persons seeking greater freedom and individual sovereignty.

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