MoveCash conveys the message “Live a healthy life” to the community through a move-to-earn application. 1

Running is a basic activity for most people, which has been done since their childhood. Most of the competition requires a good fitness foundation to play and get a good result. Some of them are even focused more on speed and running skills such as Football, Cricket, Baseball, etc.

To get in good shape, people need to go through hours of extensive exercise, day by day, with a strong will and determination. Doing exercise every day is not an easy task for everyone, so having motivation is highly needed. That is why MoveCash was created. MoveCash brings in a new feature of fitness: Move-to-earn, with the mission of encouraging users to Live a healthy life. MoveCash is a lifestyle application with defi, social-fi, and game-fi elements. MoveCash allows users to get profits in $MCA tokens by doing physical activities such as walking and running.

These tokens will be immediately distributed to their wallets without the interference of any centralized party. MoveCash encourages individuals to connect and communicate with others to find a community heading towards a healthier lifestyle for everyone. Based on GPS tracking, device sensors, and in-app data, users’ movements are recorded and rewarded accordingly. Coaching assists runners in making the training process easier by giving proper guidelines for each individual’s health status. Users can make friends, create a group as well as communicate with each other through the Group feature. MoveCash is also a helping hand for either sprinter who is planning to run 26.2 miles in a Marathon or fresh trainers.

MoveCash‘s unique feature – Marathons are running tournaments with valuable prizes, which are held periodically. Users can only participate in the competition as a group. By giving rewards via different modes, MoveCash motivates users to do more physical activities and, as a result, improve their health. The mission of MoveCash is to motivate people to Live a healthy life and at the same time give them a closer look at the world of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. When it comes to Metaverses, linking realworld user profiles to their virtual world is indispensable, and MoveCash is on the way to getting you ready for the future metaverses. Becoming a part of this evolutionary application is very easy.

Users just need to download the MoveCash Application via Apple Store, Google Play, or APK File available on the website. MoveCash accounts can easily be created by signing up with your email address and then connecting with BSC Wallet. After logging in, users can experience great features of MoveCash to improve their health as well as generate their income. “MOVECASH is the next pioneer of the blooming trend recently – Move-To-Earn. MoveCash is confident that we can make changes in users’ living habits and the Cryptocurrency World as well as take the Moveto-earn trend to the next level.”

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