The new Biohacking Podcast That Turns a Human into a SUPERYOUMAN 1
The SUPERYOUMAN podcast, which offers valuable information.

The SUPERYOUMAN podcast that’s creating major waves with its unique content. The SUPERYOUMAN podcast turns humans into “Superhumans” by sharing unique health discoveries shared by podcast guests.

“The SUPERYOUMAN podcast has emerged as one of the best biohacking podcasts and shares important information about supplements and human performance enhancements,” says the Renato, founder of the SUPERYOUMAN podcast and Online marketing agency, Online Monkeys. “The podcast presents topics like biohacking, fat loss, anti-ageing, and new health discoveries shared by the podcast guests.”

The health and fitness podcast aims to turn listeners into health enthusiasts with its amazing biohacking content. The podcast draws from the information and experiences shared by podcast guests. Renato, reminds, however, to always consult your doctor first for any health concerns as the podcast content is intended to be shared for entertainment purposes only.

The latest SUPERYOUMAN podcast is by Eric Puro and talks about Kaapa Health. Eric shares exciting information about the power of medicinal mushrooms and how to improve REM sleep with Reishi. The episode also shares the various benefits of mushrooms.

The Mollie Mcglocklin podcast is all about sleep hacks and sleep tracking devices. It is of immense value to today’s generation that does not follow a specific sleep pattern which affects their health in many ways.

Another popular episode about biohacking on the SUPERYOUMAN podcast is about Deuterium-depleted water. The host, Malanie Avalon, reveals how to get rid of deuterium with red light therapy, certain types of diet, and fasting.

Kayla Osterhoff hosted a podcast about neurogenesis and neuroplasticity, which deals with memory and cognition issues in detail. 

Every episode on the SUPERYOUMAN podcast offers interesting insights into trending topics and offers unique and out-of-the-box solutions for better physical and mental performance.

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All the content and info shared in this podcast are for informational and entertainment purposes only. Renato is not a doctor, and the shared content through this podcast DOES NOT constitute medical advice. Always consult a doctor for any health-related enquiries

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