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Buildz is offering Car and Bike enthusiasts a meeting place where they can trade parts and rub minds.

For most people, vehicles are just a means of transportation to take them from one destination to another. This group of persons has virtually no interest in learning how the vehicle is able to achieve this. Their primary concern is getting to where they want to go. In sharp contrast, there is another group who love learning how vehicles work and will think nothing of dismantling one only to build it from the ground up in a bid to satisfy their curiosity. 

People who belong in this latter group are the type to spend money, resources, and time customizing their vehicles to their specifications. In addition, they love seeking out forums filled with like-minded people to share ideas, find solutions to persistent problems, and even sell parts of vehicles. One forum these enthusiasts should consider adding to their bookmark is 

Buildz is a platform that offers an aftermarket network filed with thousands of enthusiasts looking to find the best parts for their cars and bikes projects. The site enables its users to plan their projects, compare thousands of products and brands, and save on money as they proceed with their builds. 

Once a user signs up on the Buildz platform, they immediately get to access the site’s aftermarket parts database that has more than 40,000 products waiting to be explored and discovered. This extensive database also affords users the chance to compare information, specs, and prices. There is even the option of saving any particular item that is not urgently needed in a wishlist for later. 

In addition, the Buildz site helps its users to build their projects in the most cost effective way through its price alerts and discount network. It does this by automatically tracking prices and discounts, and immediately notifying users on the watch list. Users can also take advantage of the BZ Gold Membership that comes with unlimited value. 

Of course, no build project is complete without an audience to share it with it. Buildz knows this which is why it has a dedicated community section filled with over a thousand members sharing their own project journey. The community also gives users a chance to network and share helpful advice that can aid the successful completion of each other’s projects. 

What’s more, Buildz understands how life can throw curveballs that can ruin plans. So in the event that its members lack motivation to continue with a project, the platform has the perfect solution to fix it. Buildz offers unlockable rewards as one progress through their project. Some of the awards on offer include unlockable virtual badges that can be proudly displayed on one’s profile. There are also complete in-app objectives for bonus entries into exclusive giveaways frequently organized on the Buildz platform.

To learn more about Buildz and also take advantage of its many benefits, please visit the website.  

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