Timeery officially relaunches under new name Timedule to continue to revolutionizing the salon booking industry 1
Platform provides booking software solutions for busy salons seeking to increase revenue

Timeery has officially relaunched under the new name Timedule. The company’s software has everything needed to help clients from the salon industry advertise their services. Timedule helps clients run and scale their business further, enabling them to grow like never before.

Since its launch, Timeery has revolutionized the salon industry by providing booking solutions. The client booking solutions provided salons help improve their overall revenue and give employees the opportunity to increase their clientele. Now, Timeery is officially relaunching under the new name Timedule. Clients can expect the same great service from Timedule as they previously received.

Timedule is an easy-to-use booking software solution that makes salon businesses more efficient in multiple areas. The platform allows users to manage appointments, schedule clients, store customer information, and much more.

A salon’s customers can simply book appointments using Timedule, making it possible to grow a salon business like never before with very little effort. Customers can click on the Timedule link placed on a salon’s website or social media page to easily book an appointment.

Timedule sends text message notifications to customers reminding them of their salon appointments as the date draws near. As salon owners and workers know, missed appointments mean missed income. Timedule enables salons to run smoothly without having a dedicated member of staff taking phone calls, scheduling customers, and phoning them to remind them about appointments. The software solution also prevents salon stylists and other employees from spending part of their day scheduling customers.

The all-in-one scheduling solution begins at just $14 per month for one worker. Timedule offers four different pricing plans to fit the various needs of a salon. Clients can receive a free trial today. Timedule is available for hair and beauty salons, pet clinics, and dentist clinics. The software makes the booking process easy for clients while giving businesses the chance to increase revenue.

For a free trial, please visit Timedule’s official website.

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