Why do stadium stands use membrane & fabric structure? 1

Why do stadium stands use membrane & fabric structure?

1. Membrane structure is a new type of material, which is artistic, economical, thermal insulation, self-cleaning, fireproof, sound-absorbing and light-transmitting. The use of membrane structure in sports stands can better reflect this feature of membrane structure. Compared with traditional stands, the membrane structure of sports stands has the characteristics of beautiful shape, large space span, light weight and long service life. Membrane structure is a new form of building structure, which integrates architecture, structural mechanics, fine fabric structure chemical and material science, computer technology, etc., and has a high technical content. Its curved surface can be arbitrarily changed according to the architect’s design needs, combined with the overall environment, to build an iconic image project. The stand membrane structure membrane material is made of polyester fiber base cloth or different surface coatings such as PVDF, PVF, PTFE, etc., together with high-quality PVC, which has a stable shape and can bear a certain load of architectural textiles. Its life varies with different surface coatings, generally reaching 15-30 years.

Why do stadium stands use membrane & fabric structure? 2

2. The stands of the stadium with membrane structure are beautiful in appearance and large in space span. It better reflects the advantages of the space span of the membrane structure building, and the construction period is short. The characteristics of membrane structures have attracted more and more attention, and because of this, more and more membrane structures are designed to use membrane structures to replace traditional concrete buildings. The weight of membrane building roof is only 1/30 of that of conventional steel roof, which reduces the cost of wall and foundation. At the same time, the peculiar shape and night scene effect of the membrane building have obvious “architectural visibility” and commercial effect, and its price-effectiveness ratio is higher: geodesic dome tent

Why do stadium stands use membrane & fabric structure? 3

3. The beautifully shaped membrane material, stainless steel fittings and fasteners plus the light and reasonable design and strict surface treatment of the steel structure support, create a membrane structure with beautiful form and reasonable design, eco tent which occupies an important place in the architectural environment design around the world today.

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