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Among all of the regions, North America dominated the world immersion cooling market and is anticipated to grow at the very best CAGR during the forecasted period due to the high number of hyper-scale data centers within the various industries for increasing the computing ability, memory, networking infrastructure, or storage resources.

Immersion Cooling Market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 22.8% during the forecast period 2022-2029. Immersion cooling, also called liquid submersion cooling, is the process of cooling computer components like servers, GPUs, ASICs, and other IT hardware like memory, drives, and CPUs by submerging them in a dielectric liquid (thermally conductive but electrically insulative). There are two varieties of immersion cooling supported by the state of the coolant- Single-Phase Cooling and Two-Phase Cooling.

Market Dynamics

Immersion cooling is simpler than the direct cooling system which needs air as a medium to conduct heat. In contrast, the previous requires a non-electrically conductive liquid for warmth transmission and liquid may be a better thermal conductor than air. Thus, it helps in cutting energy consumption and reducing greenhouse emission emissions. It’s useful for reducing costs and increasing location flexibility as computer systems work optimally at optimal temperatures.

It simplifies the work of integrating coolant with the system jointly has to simply immerse IT hardware in an exceedingly non-conductive liquid. It significantly reduces the noise in server rooms. The immersion cooling prevents information technology equipment from environmental contaminants like dust and sulfur.

Microsoft in one of its April 2021 reports mentions liquid immersion as a cooling solution for high-performance computing applications like AI. The report also revealed that two-phase immersion cooling reduced power consumption for any given server by 5% to fifteen. the corporate is additionally investigating two-phase immersion cooling which is a component of the company’s multi-pronged strategy to create data centers more sustainable and efficient to make, operate and maintain.

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Covid-19 Impact Analysis

For hyper-scale data center companies, the pandemic has not affected the market growth and thus the demand for immersion cooling systems is additionally expected to rise within the forecast period. For example, in 2020 in spite of the worldwide crisis, over 100 new hyperscale data center facilities were built around the world. The globe advanced a minimum of 5 years as many organizations and firms which weren’t expecting digital transformation soon had to travel digital within days.

Segment Analysis

The global immersion cooling market is segmented into supported product types as single-phase immersion cooling and two-phase systems immersion cooling.

In single-phase immersion cooling, the coolant doesn’t go change in phase during the complete process and this completely eliminates all pressure, fumes, vapors, and corrosion thanks to micro-cavitation created by a coolant’s state transition from liquid to gas.

The two-phase systems immersion cooling segment is predicted to achieve market share because it provides higher energy efficiency and energy savings, better reliability, lower maintenance cost, and deployment flexibility than an air cooling system.

The fluorinated fluids utilized in two-phase systems are costly as compared to the single-phase systems. The coolants employed in the two-phase systems immersion cooling include very high pressures because it involves the transition to the gas that involves the complex systems with significant safety systems leading to increasing the operation and maintenance costs. Since there’s an activity involved, it also increases the prospect of an explosion.

Regional Insights:

By region, the world immersion cooling market is segmented into North America, South America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle-East, and Africa.

Among all of the regions, North America dominated the world immersion cooling market and is anticipated to grow at the very best CAGR during the forecasted period due to the high number of hyper-scale data centers within the various industries for increasing the computing ability, memory, networking infrastructure, or storage resources. There’s high availability of hyper-scale data centers with the physical infrastructure and distribution systems for maximizing cooling efficiency, and also the ability to scale computing tasks in a very quicker and faster way.

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Recent Developments in the Industry:

  1. In December 2019, CoolBitts launched the USD USD2450 PC Immersion Cooling Kit including the chassis, coolant, fans, PCIe tray, meter, pump, radiator, and rear IO panel.
  2. In June 2019, DCX Liquid Cooling Company launched the immersion liquid cooling system for crypto mining operators. This Immersion Liquid Cooling System for Crypto Mining Operators. This immersion liquid cooling system may be a reliable and affordable liquid cooling solution providing energy savings, unparalleled hash rate increase, and complete noise, dust, and fire protection.

Competitive Analysis

The global immersion cooling market is very competitive with the presence of several international and native markets. Product diversification, revenue generation, and opportunities intensify the market competition. Fujitsu Limited, revolution Cooling Inc., Submer Technologies, Allied Control Ltd., Asperitas, Midas Green Technologies, Liquidcool Solutions, Inc., and DCX are the leading market players with significant market share.

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