iQibla Introduced the World’s First Smart Ring for Muslims 1
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“iQibla introduced the world’s first smart ring for Muslim prayers. The Zikr Ring helps Muslims to read tasbeeh and find out about prayer times much easier than traditional prayer beads.”

After making the noise among the IT enthusiasts with the innovative Smartwatch for Muslims, Qibla Watch, iQibla launched another innovative product. The target market and purpose are still the same as the previous one, which is for Muslims and to help them in daily prayer. This time, iQibla launched the smaller version of the Qibla Watch, the Zikr1, which is a smart ring for Muslims. This new device is the world’s first Muslim smart ring that came from the partnership between iQibla and Umeox Innovation, a leading smart wear company from China. Its ability will help this company to get close to its goal, which is to let Muslims wear trendy wearable technology.

iQibla is an IT company that provides the solution for Muslims to use the latest technology in their daily prayer routine. This company started this service in 2020 and has released two products, which are the Qibla watch, a Smartwatch for Muslims, and three models of smart ring device, which also work as a tasbeeh counter. Each product came from the idea of the iQibla finder. Then, the team of experts tailored them to be suitable for Muslim’s needs. Because of that, this company has released products with only top quality and performance, loved by many Muslims in the world. 

According to the spokesperson of this company, “The smart ring is our answer to the challenge of creating a more convenient device that can be paired with our Qibla watch. Therefore, we thought that it would be better if we provide a smaller version of our device. Starting from that idea, the design of a smart ring for Muslims came from. We also add useful features to our smart ring, including a Tasbeeh counter and digital alarm clock. That way, our customers can feel more comfortable using this new product. And, it will be suitable with its reputation for being the world’s first smart ring for Muslims.” More information about this smart ring is available on iQibla official website.

About iQibla

iQibla is an IT company that makes Smartwatch and smart rings for Muslims. This company started to produce these products to provide the best solution for Muslims. Implementing the latest technology has successfully changed how people use the device to help Muslim activity.

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