M65 SEO Agency Offers Discount Social Media Marketing or SEO Services for Small and Medium Business Owners 1
“Our team knows what it takes to succeed online,” Rachael Connelly, Marketing Manager, said. “We strive to build long-term and beneficial relationships with our clients. For us, it is about building something together through SEO and digital marketing processes. We want our clients to get the maximum return on their investments for them and their market base.”
M65 SEO Agency offers three months of social media marketing for half price or one-month FREE search engine optimisation (SEO) services. These fantastic offers are for small and medium business owners who sign up with the agency for consulting services and desire to grow their online business presence.

TRAWDEN, Lancashire, UK – 7 June, 2022 – Social media marketing is the backbone of advertising in a digital world. The use of social media sites and social networks brings a company’s products and services to the global marketplace. Its counterpart, SEO, is critical to the success of any website. Technical SEO identifies relevant keywords, which search engines will then rank and index a website. That ranking affects how search engines drive traffic to a website, and it impacts the website’s visibility and accessibility to the desired target base. 

M65 SEO Agency has provided successful digital services since 2006. Each team member has at least 15 years of experience in SEO and digital marketing. The agency specializes in working with small businesses and large corporations in some of the most competitive markets.

M65 SEO Agency’s comprehensive services include:

  • A personalised digital marketing plan
  • SEO
  • Pay-per-click (PPC) management services
  • Social media marketing
  • Digital public relations
  • Web design

SEO and social media marketing services are the beginning point for unlocking a business’s online potential. The discounts offered are available for a limited time, ending on the 01st September 2022. All interested business owners and individuals are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity before it expires.

“We want to help businesses generate new business leads and grow their sales,” Rachael Connelly said. “If we can help our clientele meet their business goals, then we meet our goals as an agency. The advantage of doing business with us means friendly account management, no long-term contracts, a dedicated account manager, and excellent results.”

M65 SEO Agency is based in Lancashire, UK. Visit www.seolancashire.co.uk to schedule a call today.

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Company Name: M65 SEO Agency
Contact Person: Rachael Connelly
Email: Send Email
Phone: 01282 899404
Address:13 Boulsworth Drive Trawden
City: Lancashire
Country: United Kingdom
Website: www.seolancashire.co.uk

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