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Electronics firms rely on BEST Inc.’s soldering professionals for high-quality PCB rework, assembly, repair, and training. Throughout its 14-year history, BEST Inc. has been recognized five times as the best in the PCB rework area, earning the firm a reputation for reliability with its customers. PCBs and BGAs rework are carried out precisely by the company’s skilled IPC accredited soldering professionals, who use various current equipment. They’ve earned the loyalty of numerous clients by completing their projects on time.

BEST Inc.’s spokesperson said, “We offer a wide range of items, making them just for you based on your requirements. Some of our solder training staff have put together instructional clips that demonstrate various soldering techniques. The films are especially beneficial to customers who may make purchases outside of our normal business hours or who cannot contact us. Our website is secure to buy on because of the newest SSL encryption and the most advanced security technologies. Also, did I mention that we provide international shipping? The checkout process at our store is the simplest, and most goods shipped outside of Illinois do not incur sales tax.”

You can become a certified IPC specialist by taking the IPC 610 certification course at BEST Inc. An IPC-A-610 certificate is issued to students who complete the course. They will become certified IPC specialists if they achieve all of the prerequisites. There is no hand soldering training in the IPC-A-610 class. When it comes to examining wires and terminals and printed circuit boards, the course includes a hands-on component as part of the instruction. The IPC-A-610 specification and an IPC 610 class certificate of completion are included in the course materials.

Responding to a question, BEST Inc.’s spokesperson said, “When it comes to electronics, the ability to repair PCBs and solder them is a must-have. High-quality PCB rework and repair services are available from us. Certified by IPC, our technicians are well-versed in soldering techniques. All of our IPC trainers have a long history of working in the electronics industry. They teach students how to solder and work with the newest electronic PCBs.”

To facilitate SMT assembly, BEST Inc. creates solder paste stencils. They use stainless steel with high nickel content to achieve the best paste release. Additionally, the company adheres to industry design guidelines and the needs of its customers when producing solder stencils. Dedicated customer service, production, design, and shipping personnel ensure that every solder paste stencil is delivered on time and to the required quality. Moreover, individuals who want to enroll in the IPC 620 certification program can visit the BEST Inc. website.

About BEST Inc.

Reballing BGA chips are done by BEST Inc. when the device is removed from a PCB and needs to be reinstalled, the ball is not the correct alloy and needs to be replaced, or failure analysis is required because the device needs to be worked on. BGA reballing techniques vary depending on the volume of the rework, the kind of package, and the alloy used on the device. With these approaches, the balls are held in place by tiny stencils, which are then used to print the paste or flux onto the device using a single piece of material.

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