How Serial Entrepreneurship and Financial Coaching Lead to Owning Multiple Businesses? 1

An entrepreneur is someone who begins their journey with a single concept and devotes their entire effort to make it a huge success. An entrepreneur’s primary goal is to make their business as profitable as possible while spending as little money as possible. Traditional entrepreneurs are typically hesitant to establish a new firm while running an existing one, thinking that the current one would be ignored. On the other hand, a serial entrepreneur is capable of making the bold decision to launch many businesses one after the other. But who are serial entrepreneurs, exactly? What characteristics do they have? A serial entrepreneur is particularly innovative when it comes to generating fresh business ideas and then putting those ideas into action to start a new firm. This is a person who can consistently fail. However, this person can learn from their mistakes and use them to achieve greatness. Not everyone can produce something incredible with their fresh ideas, and not everyone can run numerous enterprises simultaneously. Only a “serial entrepreneur” with love for innovation and brilliant ideas will be able to make the magic happen. One of the most dedicated Entrepreneurs and hardworking business people, Justin Secreti, stated to the media that he had established a new business, his fifth in the last 24 months.

The 29-year-old entrepreneur has been in the finance industry since he was 17 years old and now uses his experience to assist other startups to develop and maturing. “I don’t think I’ll ever give up my entrepreneurship to settle for my brand. I love building new brands and finding ways to finance startups, and I love this initial stage too much.” – Justin Secreti.

Justin believes that his experience, skills, and passions are ideal for starting new businesses. He feels that teaching is the most significant way to learn. “I’m just getting started,” he replied passionately when asked how he feels about successfully launching various brands despite the pandemic. Just because a serial entrepreneur comes up with a business idea doesn’t mean they’ll be the one to carry out the new idea’s everyday operations. Once the business venture gains traction, the serial entrepreneur will recruit a dedicated team to run it. They will be able to devote sufficient time and attention to each of their respective enterprises in this manner. We understand what you’re thinking now. Why would a successful businessman consider starting a new venture, especially when their current project is thriving? That is, after all, what a serial entrepreneur is. They want to put all of their new ideas to the test and see how successful they can be. Like Secreti, he runs a credit rehabilitation company, a business consulting organization, and an Amazon store.

He has also lately created his digital marketing agency. Despite all of this, he found time to achieve another milestone, selling out a NFT project. Moondusa NFT, his first successful NFT project, was created in collaboration with a long-time friend and business partner. Corey, Justin’s business partner, has experience in the music industry. He has worked as an artist, singer/songwriter, audio engineer, DJ, marketer, and even a teacher for the past five years. He mixes and masters his tracks as well as those of other artists.

How Serial Entrepreneurship and Financial Coaching Lead to Owning Multiple Businesses? 2

Money isn’t the primary motivator for a serial entrepreneur. This isn’t to say that they don’t want to make money, but they aren’t solely concerned with financial gain. If you look at the top entrepreneurs, the only thing they have in common is a desire to improve every day, which can only be accomplished through assisting others and gaining experience. They have so many ideas and have strategized their company plans, that all they can think about is how to turn their business ideas into a success. That is what keeps them going. They want their business to be a success. They then go on to their next business idea once they’ve accomplished this.

Serial entrepreneurs are great at networking, connecting with others, and bringing others together. They pay attention to people’s needs and worries and look for ways to assist them. To truly establish an empire, you must cultivate genuine relationships with influential individuals and provide value to each of them. Justin did the same thing; after making a name in the Business industry, he wanted to conquer the NFT world. He and his long-term friend and business partner Corey had an idea of creating an NFT inspired by the Versace logo and crypto designs and named it Moondusa with the help of their designer friend Self33. They had many difficulties at the beginning of their career and worked 20 hours a day, but they didn’t give up and adhered to their goal and eventually succeeded. Secreti runs one of the most active NFT Discord communities in the Solana space. They sold out in under an hour on March 9th.

Being a serial entrepreneur does not imply that you must be the company’s sole leader. You have to be a team player and accept assistance from people or partners who can help you achieve your objective of converting your fresh company idea into a profitable business. For example, if you have a concept related to the industry about which you don’t have enough knowledge or skill, the ideal way would be to pair up with someone who knows everything there is to know about that area. It’s a big deal to experiment with innovative business concepts. Conventional entrepreneurs may be hesitant to spend their money and time on a new business venture because they are afraid of failure. On the other hand, a serial entrepreneur is bold enough to take on the task of beginning a new business and giving it a shot in the market. They are confident in their concept and capacity to make their various companies successful. As a result, they are better able to understand market situations and make commercial decisions. Many so-called entrepreneurs become demotivated after a minor setback, yet Justin continually learns from his setbacks and strives to grow everyday. He believes that everyone can learn from each other.

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