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The unexpected nature of personal injuries occurrence brings a lot of disorientation to the life of an individual. John Bales Attorneys began operations in 1999 to ensure that personal injury victims get adequate compensation to regain normalcy as before the injuries occurred. The company attorneys specialize in personal injury law and use their immense experience to obtain favorable outcomes for the victims.

St. Petersburg, FL – John Bales Attorneys has over twenty years of experience in providing professional personal injury lawyer St. Petersburg services. The experience gathered over the years enables the law firm to handle every unique case with the attention and professionalism required to win the case. In addition, the law firm has a high case win rate which has enabled them to win over $400 million in settlement to date for personal injury attorney St. Petersburg victims. The amount recovered has helped the personal injury victims to heal their physical and psychological injuries with ease. Also, John Bales Attorneys has an unmatched injury law firm St. Petersburg customer service experience. Service areas include motor vehicle accidents, personal injury, premise liability, employment dispute, malpractice, insurance claims, disability, and class actions. 

John Bales Attorneys has a winning policy where the client only pays when they win the case. The approach has enabled the company to effectively guide the client throughout their claims with no financial constraints. Also, the firm aids the client to file the tedious claim process to ensure that the case holds more weight than if the client went through it by themselves. 

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John Bales Attorneys began operations in 1999 to ensure that personal injury victims get adequate compensation.

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