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Prototype is a clothing manufacturer and fashion product development company that is taking a fresh look at the fashion industry

Few industries are as old and as stuck in their ways as the fashion industry. As many other industries have advanced with the advent of computerized production and software, most clothing manufacturers have been left doing business the way they’ve always done things.

It makes for a frustrating experience for many fashion brands, particularly startup fashion labels. Sourcing these apparel manufacturers and maintaining effective communication with them can be difficult, say many founders. All these roadblocks… the language barriers, delays, and disruptions are the most frequent cause stated when fashion brands fail.

Enter Prototype. This new integrated fashion services company aims to change all that by applying a modernized digital framework to both sides of buyer/supplier equation. Founder and CEO of Prototype, Richard Gregory, says that “Prototype’s process provides value to both buyers and suppliers, making it easier than ever for smaller businesses to compete in the global marketplace.”

The concept here, explains Gregory, is that Prototype acts as something like an exoskeleton, using its own proprietary tools and techniques to support its clients and partners. The company doesn’t merely pair suppliers and buyers, then wish them well, as is most common with sourcing agencies. Prototype takes things a step further by fully integrating the entire process, from product design and development all the way through manufacturing. This process, says Gregory, gives small fashion businesses the same tools and resources that are normally reserved only for the fashion giants.

The particulars of the process and the software involved are a trade secret, but Gregory offers one bit of insight: “We’ve found all the various software options available on the market to be totally unsuitable for what we need, so we’ve started an ambitious project to develop our own software application that will be a game-changer for managing these types of complex, global projects.”

Software isn’t the only digital innovation being promoted by Prototype. They have also moved into a 3D product development workflow, which allows them to offer fully digital fashion products. These digital fashion products are then able to be packaged and sold as NFTs by retail clients.

“It’s a fascinating space to be working in,” says Skye Della Santa, COO. “The opportunities for fashion brands to sell online and offline, in the metaverse and everywhere are just totally unlimited.”

Della Santa imagines a future where a customer buys a product and is given both a physical and digital copy, making it possible to wear the same outfit no matter where you are physically or virtually.

How it all plays out remains to be seen, but one thing seems clear: Prototype Global is one clothing manufacturer that is well-positioned for the future of fashion.

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