Hayden Hill Offers Sustainable Garment Protection for Everyday and Luxury Clothing 1

Hayden Hill, a new London Brand specializing in Garment Bags, advises protection for valuable clothing items. Whether storing or transporting luxury garments like business suits, wedding dresses or cherished pieces, their bags will protect the contents from the harmful factors of pollution, moths, light and dust.

Precious clothing can be exposed to long-term damage when left in closets without suitable protection. When purchasing a Hayden Hill Garment Bag you are protecting the pieces you love.  

Garment bags are specially designed to protect both light and bulkier clothes like woolens or fur jackets, and there are different sizes available depending on the size of your storage requirements. 

When traveling with precious clothing, or a wedding dress for example, there will be great reassurance knowing that garments will arrive in good condition and wrinkle-free. These bags are made with 100% organic cotton, which provides breathable protection while also preventing damage from moths, humidity and mold.

“Effective closet organization isn’t possible without products like garment bags,” says a spokesperson from Hayden Hill. 

Garment bags from Hayden Hill are crafted with elegance from high-quality and 100% organic cotton. The fabric is machine washable, and all the bags come with detachable zipper pulls, see-through panels, and mothproof protection.

Unlike dry cleaning garment bags that cause yellowing and fading, or non-woven fabrics which are inconsistent with storing leather or fur garments, cotton bags provide breathable and effective care for both everyday and luxurious clothing.

“Our bags, made with sustainability and functionality in mind, have a sheer organza side panel so you can see your pieces while keeping them protected from light, dust, and Clothes Moths,” says the spokesperson for the brand”. 

Born in England, Hayden Hill’s vision quickly made its way across Europe before finding the most sustainable process to manufacture their products. For more information, please visit: https://hayden-hill.com/ 

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