O’Neill’s Chevrolet Buick presents its stock of Certified Pre-Owned Buick models 1
Buick and Chevrolet dealer from Avon, Connecticut comes to aid prospective Buick buyers that can’t wait for a made-to-order car to get delivered get their hands on a Buick in no time

Avon, CT – O’Neill’s, a Chevrolet and Buick dealer in Avon, Connecticut has increased its stock of Certified Pre-Owned Buick models to meet the current demand in the market for readily-available Buick vehicles.

“We know that a custom-built Buick can take weeks or even months to get shipped these days. And many of our clients simply don’t have the luxury or the desire to wait that long. So, in order to help them get the Buick model they’re after without putting up with months of waiting, we’re constantly increasing our Certified Pre-Owned Buick stock. Ready to drive away Buicks that have been checked and vetted following the manufacturer’s strict protocols.” Sean Sullivan, O’Neill’s Chevrolet Buick President.

Certified Pre-Owned cars come with Buick’s stamp of approval plus a one-year bumper-to-bumper warranty. More importantly, you can drive a Certified Pre-Owned model home the same day you pick and pay for it, as opposed to having to wait for months to take delivery of a brand-new car.

The current inventory of Certified Pre-Owned Buick models is available to be viewed on their website.

Please note that the list could suffer alterations at any given time as cars are sold and others introduced. To see the current list of Certified Pre-Owned Buick vehicles available in Hartford County Connecticut, please access this link.

“The car market has thrown some unique challenges at us lately. With global shortages and huge delays, growing inflation, and tougher competition, it’s very difficult to navigate the waters of car ownership these days. But here at O’Neill’s, we strive to make the lives of our customers as easy as possible and we always succeed in doing so. Together, we’re 100% confident that we can find a good solution for you, no matter your needs.” Sean Sullivan, O’Neill’s Chevrolet Buick president.

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