Automation, Content, and Branding for Businesses by Lifestyle Ind. Helps SMBs Generate 7-Figure Incomes Consistently 1
Lifestyle Ind. works with businesses and helps them grow by providing them with techniques and software to improve their presence online and automate 99% of their customer’s journey. It enables businesses to create and follow the exact roadmap for success.

According to announcements released by Lifestyle Ind. and Melanie Brandt, the business process automation services, 1:1 coaching, and business strategy development services on offer have helped new and established businesses surpass their financial growth expectations.

Lifestyle Ind. specialises in enabling companies to shift their entire business structure and assets in one place to enable easier and more intuitive management by leveraging artificial intelligence. Lifestyle Ind. lets its clients move beyond click funnels, email marketing software, project management systems, etc., save time and earn more.

The Next Level Program by Lifestyle Ind. combines turnkey solutions and DIY services to help businesses master attraction marketing, work towards leadership in a given market, build an online presence, and automate as many business processes as possible.

Melanie has helped men and women create their own space online and gain financial independence. She sits with her clients and charts out the details for building a strong business ecosystem and exciting brand through implementing tested vital strategies. She has the insights and tools to share for turning casual website visitors into returning customers. Lifestyle Ind. provides a unique all-in-one platform that facilitates the building of online assets that can be managed from anywhere, and more importantly, they don’t require extensive management. This leaves the entrepreneur with time away from the computer and for the family.

Lifestyle Ind. has years of experience helping online businesses scale to 7-figure incomes. Its coaching programs are geared to deliver actionable learning for streamlining and growing a business using the best tools available to achieve these objectives.

Automation, Content, and Branding for Businesses by Lifestyle Ind. Helps SMBs Generate 7-Figure Incomes Consistently 2

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Melanie Brandt of Lifestyle Ind. said, “Lifestyle Ind. Pty Ltd is a company that prides itself on helping business owners have their entire business structure built in one place. No click funnels, no Mailchimp, no Hubspot. The list goes as to how much gets streamlined. Mesh in the coaching on who you need to become in the online space and how to show up, and you have a world-class program that is making waves and changing lives. Add in social media coaching, speaking in public, overcoming limiting beliefs, and much more it’s not uncommon for this program to have raving reviews worldwide.

Mel has prided herself on raising women in the online space. Helping them understand they already have everything they need inside of them. Mel has mastered the art of turning strangers into friends and friends into family. She wants to leave a legacy for her two girls, Ilah and Imarni. Showing your kids what determination and resilience look like is one of the best gifts you can give them. Teaching them a high-paying skill is priceless.

Mel grew to be obsessed with automation and helping business owners save money on subscriptions and save time with automation. She knows that business owners need this as it is a gap she hears as a pain point over and over.

We want you to be a downright celebrity in your demographic, with a flood of followers, fans, and customers, and a killer brand that sets you head and shoulders above the rest.”

About the Company:

Lifestyle Ind. is a lifestyle-focused digital growth agency that helps clients grow businesses without staying tied to their computers. It offers automations customized to suit a business’s requirements for development. Her superior mentorship and knowledge of the best marketing systems have delivered powerful results for her clients.

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