Karen Ning Real Estate is Offering Superior Customer Service and Innovative Solutions in the Des Moines, Iowa Real Estate Market 1
The company has identified a major gap in the services of real estate companies and it has expressed its commitment to bridging this gap by helping homeowners sell properly and giving investors value for their money

One of the biggest decisions a person may face in their lifetime is whether to buy or sell a home. The real estate market is not one to be handled lightly; the difference between a significant loss and a major rise can be slim. Today’s real estate market is competitive, with many real estate agencies vying for the attention of buyers and sellers. To get the best deals in the real estate market, homeowners and investors must find a real estate agent or company that has their best interest at heart.

Karen Ning Real Estate, in partnership with Platinum Realty, is a company that meets the requirement of a credible and reliable real estate company in Des Moines. The company founded by Karen Ning has continued to offer homeowners looking to sell their homes and buyers to find amazing deals and properties in the Greater Des Moines area of Iowa. With Karen Ning Real Estate, clients work with a team of people focused on one goal—ensuring that every transaction is successful for the best value possible.

“Buyers and investors in real estate often cannot cope with the intense negotiation processes involved with buying or selling a property,” explained Karen Ning, the CEO of Karen Ning Real Estate. “After a couple of months of showings, some buyers and investors become weary and frustrated. They decide to put the deals on hold because they feel they cannot win the bidding war. Knowing that these challenges could prevent some homeowners from putting their homes for sale in 2022, we’re offering a simplified process. A win-win situation for everyone!”

From customer service to marketing, Karen Ning Real Estate ensures that all aspects of the home buying and selling process run smoothly. Karen Ning Real Estate offers clients top-notch real estate services, simplifies and reduces the cost of selling properties while helping investors keep more of their investments in the market. The company is multilingual and assures Iowans of its commitment to giving back to the communities where it operates.

About Karen Ning Real Estate-Platinum Realty

Karen Ning Real Estate, a multilingual real estate agency in Iowa that is committed to giving back to the communities it serves, offers full service and a simplified home-selling process, helping clients keep more of their investment. This team was founded by Karen Ning, who has made a high level commitment to her real estate education, having been mentored and coached by some of the most successful real estate coaches in the Greater Des Moines area.

To learn more, please visit https://kning.movewithplatinum.com/ or send an email to kning@movewithplatinum.com.

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