Huru launches a game-changing app for those looking to prepare for an AI video interview 1
Huru brings the most innovative and fastest way to get a customized job interview from any job offer listing on popular job boards such as LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor, Monster, and ZipRecruiter.

Huru has unveiled a game-changing job interview app for those preparing for an interview, helping individuals reduce days and days of confusion that come with venturing into something new for the first time. 

“Job interviews can be daunting, especially if individuals are not used to switching jobs frequently. Having a job interview for a position that they consider a big step in your career or at a challenging and competitive company that sharp candidates surround might feel lost. That’s where Huru comes into the picture,” a representative said in a statement.

Huru serves as the ultimate job interview coach where users can prepare like a pro with its over 20,000 interview questions from more than 300 professions. They get access to a wide range of interview content covering nearly every career occupation category in the job market, varying from entry-level to executive positions and all in between.

Huru takes technology a step further by analyzing answers with Artificial Intelligence (AI), assessing job hunters’ chances of getting hired, giving feedback on the answers, and providing interview tips and insights. 

With Huru’s chrome extension, the app automatically generates an interview from any job offer posted on popular job boards. Users can test their interview abilities and simulate the process by warping to the Qr-code.

To get started, users need to navigate to any job offer on one of the supported job boards, scan the QR code with the Huru Google Chrome extension, and begin their personalized job interview.

Afterward, they can pick the profession for which they want to get prepared from more than 300 professions accessible on Huru. 

Huru then enables job hunters to conduct an unlimited number of mock interviews to obtain a detailed evaluation of how they performed during the interview. The interview questions on Huru are designed to evaluate their voice, facial expressions, answers, and many more. 

Those looking to train their facial expressions while talking to an interviewer can turn to the app to help overcome anxiety attacks and display better facial expressions and eye contact.

After each mock interview on the app, job hunters will receive in-depth results on how they behaved during the mock interview, the weaknesses they should work on, as well as thorough suggestions on how to improve.

Huru utilizes the cutting-edge Beatview technology to aid job hunters in bolstering their interview preparation process by offering professional interview tips and ideas on how to ace their next job interview from industry experts.

Those ready to take their job interview prep and practice to the next level may download the app right away to get started. Others who wish to learn more about how to prepare for an interview through Huru may visit the website and its social channels for more information.

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