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We are blockchain crowd funding platform for Real Estate, pharmaceuticals, Biotech, artificial intelligence, blockchain projects, stocks and agricultural investments.

Ace Daily Profits was established in 2018, Delaware USA by Gary Wyatt.

The company uses daytrading strategy to invest in real estate, pharmaceuticals, biotech, agriculture, gold, cryptocurrency and blockchain projects to generate a minimum of 1% daily ROI

Our goal is to provide our investors with a reliable source of high income, while minimizing any possible risks and offering a high-quality service. With ACEDAILYPROFIT platform, investors can now earn daily income as they invest in skyrocketing projects. Businesses can sign up, get verified and request for funding as part of our mission is to help raise funds for businesses in exchange for equity.

Not only we guarantee the most exciting returns on your investments, but we also guarantee the security of your investment.


1. Promoting the Ace Daily Profits platform until we have 500,000 registered investors

2. Release of ADP Token – All registered investors of the company would receive free airdrop of the coin

ADP Token would be available to trade on exchanges worldwide to increase the value

ADP Token would be available on staking platforms

Backed by pharmaceuticals as a reason to invest in ESG. The token would be used to solve healthcare problems, partnering with pharmaceutical companies all over the world.

ADP token would be use to make payment in pharmacies across the world.

ADP token is projected to reach a profit margin of 1000% in 5 years after launch. If purchased earlier ADP token would help cut pharmaceutical expenses.

3. Credit card payment portal on the Ace Daily Profits platform where investors can make deposit to their accounts and also purchase ADP Token.

Investors can also receive their weekly profits as cash into their ADP credit cards and use the funds for shopping or pay for items anywhere just like the normal bank credit cards

4. Marketing, sales and promotion of NFT and Digital Assets through the Ace Daily Profits platform.

Extra benefits for team leaders:

30 team leaders would be chosen and airdropped $20,000 worth of ADP token each.

Team leaders can choose to exchange this for bitcoin or other cryptocurrency or hodl until the token generates substantial profits

Join ACEDAILYPROFIT Community now to reap bigger in the nearest future! Follow the three simple steps: Register – Make Deposit – and Start Earning Daily profit.

For more info. Visit our website @ www.acedailyprofits.com

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