Temecula Tree Service Pros Uses Tree Pruning to Help Homeowner Avoid Spending Thousands of Dollars on Tree Removal 1

Temecula, California – When Joseph started noticing issues with his trees, the homeowner did not understand how to fix this problem. His trees looked too sick to be treated. The homeowner was planning to have the trees removed so that he could work on replacing them with healthy options. Luckily for him, he contacted Temecula Tree Service Pros. The company helped him realize that he could save his trees with tree pruning.

Temecula Tree Service Pros noted that the trees were sick,” said Joseph. “The team of tree care professionals also confirmed that the trees could be saved if the family acted quickly. The disease was not yet spread throughout the tree—this meant that tree pruning could keep the disease-causing organisms from reaching the tree trunk.”

The homeowner told a group of reporters that when he learned he could save the trees, he was more than impressed. He immediately invited the Temecula Tree Service Pros tree pruning team and requested it to take a better look at the trees and plan out the tree pruning procedure immediately.

When the company’s arborist visited the landscape,” said Joseph. “He confirmed that if the family waited for too long, it would only be a matter of time before tree removal became the only solution. This meant that the family had to get the cost estimate and get started with the tree pruning procedure.”

The cost estimate presented to Joseph was affordable. The homeowner immediately instructed the team to get started with the tree pruning procedure.

The company arrived on the landscape the same day the family approved their cost estimate,” said Joseph. “Even though they started working at 2 pm, they had pruned about 6 trees by the time they left. The next day, they arrived at 6 am and worked on 10 trees before leaving.”

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The homeowner was impressed with the speed at which the company was working. In one week, the company had already trimmed all the 70 trees surrounding his landscape.

The next task involved disinfecting the trees to ensure the disease did not spread to the tree trunk,” said Joseph. “This task was handled by the company’s arborists who moved from one tree to the other with a bucket truck. The bucket truck gave them access to the branches on the highest parts of the tree.”

The homeowner noted that after the disinfection, the company went ahead and cleaned the entire landscape. Joseph noted that he did not expect the company to clean up—this was a service that he expected to pay for.

The tree maintenance teams the family had used in the past always left without cleaning the landscape,” said Joseph. “The family had to spend more money on clean-up. This, however, was not the case with Temecula Tree Service Pros. The company collected the waste—from the branches and leaves to the sawdusts—and loaded it on the truck before heading to the dump site.”

The homeowner reportedly wanted to compare the amount he would have spent on the tree removal procedure he had initially planned with the tree pruning that ended up saving his trees. When he asked the Temecula Tree Service Pros chief of field operations the cost that he would have paid for the tree removal procedure, he was surprised by the figure.

The tree removal procedure would have been ten times more expensive than the tree pruning procedure,” said Joseph. “What’s more, the family would have spent money on tree replacement.”

The homeowner noted that he was impressed with the company for foregoing profit to help him save money. He noted he would keep using the company’s services.

Temecula Tree Service Pros offices are located at 32120 Temecula Pkwy #1029, 92592 Temecula, CA. The company, however, can be contacted at 951-468-9475 and sales@riversidetreecare.com

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