Doha-Qatar: Shopeso Rolls out its First 100 eCommerce Stores in the USA Market, This Independence Day, Marking the Future of eCommerce 1

Doha-Qatar: Shopeso Rolls out its First 100 eCommerce Stores in the USA Market, This Independence Day, Marking the Future of eCommerce 2

Asheghar Digimentors proudly announce that their new venture SHOPESO, the online shopping mall has rolled out its first 100 stores promising keen digital entrepreneurs all around the world, an e-commerce done-for-you model, one that is never witnessed before. It announces one Online Shopping mall that hosts 7000 Niche Stores holding a million products and is ready to deliver to 150 countries with more than 1000 Suppliers across the world.

An article published on revealed a massive e-commerce surge brought on by the pandemic and predicts it to be here to stay. According to data from the Commerce Department, the public spent $870.78 billion online with U.S. merchants in the previous year, up from $762.68 billion in 2020. Although in-store sales saw businesses relapse to pre-COVID-19 trends, most shoppers still shopped with fervor online. Global e-commerce sales are expected to reach $5 trillion in 2022 and $6 trillion by 2024.

However, prospective digital entrepreneurs stumble upon the most challenges in terms of eCommerce expenses. Beginning with identifying the right software to run their business – Software that will automate processes like inventory management or product labeling, which is a mandate to reduce salaried overheads. Another major block is the product sourcing and storage facilities. Huge expenses are experienced when it comes to finding the right products and vast storage space to stock the products. These expenses can double or even triple if the products are not in demand and do not leave shelves quickly. Furthermore, expenses are major when it comes to shipping, let alone the shipping supplies. And even if everything feels right and goes smooth, unseen expenses lurk when a shipment goes missing or is destroyed by couriers.

Doha-Qatar: Shopeso Rolls out its First 100 eCommerce Stores in the USA Market, This Independence Day, Marking the Future of eCommerce 3 

Asheghar Digimentors, founded by His Excellency Sheikh Jassim Bin Mohamed Al Thani, to begin the impact on Qatar’s transition to a knowledge-based economy, proposes a solution to the difficulties that Digital Entrepreneurs face today, with the one-of-a-kind project, Shopeso; a revolutionary eCommerce model creator has created the perfect digital ecosystem where both buyers and sellers are hugely benefited. The first set of 100 stores is ready to roll out where the dedicated team, headed and supported by CEO & Founder, Mr Shan MP, worked together with clients to choose the perfect niche, design their website, source products and stock them at the minimum of costs. At Shopeso, the team takes sole responsibility to source products from unique suppliers or brands, stocking them in their warehouses and even shipping them to customers of store owners around the globe. The team lets you manage your website from your dashboard without the need for a developer, coding skills, previous experience, or technical skills. All of this while eliminating competition within the website. No two store owners in the same country can hold the same niche making this the unique e-commerce model a seller would always choose! Thus, expenditure on software, website, overhead, product sourcing, storage and shipping are capped with a team providing their services 24/7 around different parts of the world. For digital entrepreneurs, this model not only provides access to a global marketplace but also lets them do business on their terms and manage their shops from anywhere in the world.

Shopeso guarantees its services in the field of quality, handpicked products with free return and shipping options, better prices, and transparency of the prices in comparison to similar products in the market along with flexible modes of payment including crypto. As a buyer, you get to experience shopping based on categories with an intuitive Navigation Bar & Breadcrumb navigation, filters, and comparisons. You can design your Wish list while casually scrolling through our Featured Products/Best Selling/New Arrivals and Popular searches. Get accurate shipping details and track your precious order while it makes it home to you.

Doha-Qatar: Shopeso Rolls out its First 100 eCommerce Stores in the USA Market, This Independence Day, Marking the Future of eCommerce 4 

Shopeso extends its services to its Loyalty program enabling you to save more while you shop more. Avail of special offers, deals, coupons, and discounts from time to time. The live chat service provides customer care support around the clock, around the globe to tailor to your needs!

Shopeso also welcomes prospective investors keen to invest in virtual spaces by providing the Digital Landlord option. A Digital landlord owns a store and has the authority to rent the store to someone wishing to do similar business under the same niche.

An additional aspect of Shopeso is their concept of “She-Commerce”, which empowers women, homemakers and students to start their eCommerce Businesses by providing users with a seamless eCommerce platform where they can discover great brands and enhance sales by selling physical products online without worrying about sourcing, storage, inventory management or shipping. It makes life easier for women, especially new moms to work from the comfort of their homes and have flexible working hours. She-commerce Envisions becoming one of the largest Women-E-Commerce Business providers around the globe with guaranteed success from minimal effort or technical expertise.

At Shopeso, the aim is to help online entrepreneurs start their digital business with proper efficiency with the goal to increase your E-commerce revenue with almost zero effort and least knowledge.

Dream big and make a success with Shopeso. Be a part of the world’s shopping mall. With regards to the Roll out on the Independence Day of the USA, Shop at and avail 30% off with Shop30 on your first purchase!

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