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Law firms are in fierce competition today. Advertisements for attorneys have been streamlined over the years, but at the same time, they’ve gotten harder. Digital marketing has revolutionized the online world. But where to begin?  Law firms typically use search engines and social media for advertising, but what if you could target the entire internet, from websites to mobile apps and everything in between? Attorneys, meet My Online Billboard!

My Online Billboard was designed to help lawyers and businesses increase their branding efforts, reach new potential clients, and significantly boost their online presence! 

According to one of My Online Billboard’s representatives, with their recent updates, It’s now even easier to advertise law practices and target any demographic, whether it be upper or lower-income, families, car owners, new homeowners, etc. 

Think about it… Every year, there are approximately 6.75 million car accidents in the US alone. (​B​TS) 

In the USA alone, there are less than 400,000 total searches per year for the keyword “Accident Lawyer,” and Google can charge anywhere from $35-$455 for the keyword “Accident Lawyer” per click… (Google Keyword Planner)

This leaves most attorneys fighting over less than 6% of all accidents for that specific keyword… So why not go after the 94% by branding your practice to them across thousands of websites, apps, and games is a brilliant idea. You can achieve this by utilizing online billboards, where there is less competition and friction.

With My Online Billboards Advertising, you can expect to reach about 1,000+ for every $10 spent across hundreds of websites, apps, and games… 

It’s no secret that advertising is about being at the right place and time or becoming someone they know, like, and trust. My Online Billboard advertising help with both. 

If you are an attorney looking to begin online billboard advertising, you can learn more by visiting their website at or calling them at 1(800) 687-8589. Lawyers have advertising packages starting at $100 per week by mentioning this article.

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