Singapore – July 11, 2022 – Recently, BIB Holding Group has announced the launch of its Metaverse project – BIB Meta, a brand new Web3/Crypto metaverse ecosystem, where users can invest, entertain, network, learn, and play with immersive details.

When it comes to the buzzword “Metaverse”, one can hardly get rid of the concept in mind -the future possibilities of the metaverse are presumably limitless. As a cliché, Metaverse is a place that is a parallel to the physical world, where one can spend their digital lives, freed from the boundaries that countries and oceans have created, a world where one can create, transact, and interact. Many may wonder that it is similar to The Internet. Well, yes and no, imagine metaverse to be a 3D version of The Internet, with first-person view and visual information such as users’ gestures, body movements and positions. This is to create an immersive atmosphere where users feel like they are in a digital world while they are just really lying on their couches.

Being the world’s first web3/crypto metaverse, BIB Meta upholds the value of “endless possibilities” by allowing users and node operators to form unbreakable connections to discover the magical charm of blockchain technology and virtual marketplaces while making massive profits.  No matter if you are a blockchain enthusiast interested in gaming & sports or simply a would-be crypto trader, you can always turn stars into tokens, stake to earn, and freely trade NFTs, BIB Meta is definitely a one-stop solution for all your needs, and all this can be started by holding BIB tokens in the BIB Meta’s symbiotic Metaverse.

Why Consider Being Early Adopters?

Pushing the boundaries in the virtual space and making it accessible for everyone, BIB Meta is intending to build a fully functional and diversified metaverse economy to narrow down the gap of the existing metaverse.

The platform does so by incentivizing trusted connections. Even though the project is still in a nascent stage, with the prosperity & marketization of metaverse, getting into the ecosystem will only get difficult with time. The good news is that BIB Meta has rolled out its “grow together scheme” for early adopters. The first batch of registered users will have a chance to get exclusive benefits and rare NFTs. If you are looking to unlock new revenue streams, make sure you don’t miss this unique opportunity.

Early Bird Airdrop Event

To celebrate its launch, BIB Meta is airdropping various gifts including BIB tokens USDT, NFTS to thank users who participated in its 1st proposal.

Details on Snapshot Time:

The first round of snapshot time will be determined by the BIB Meta team and take place between 7/11/2022 00:00 AM – 7/15/2022 23:59 PM UTC

Distribution Rule:

In order to be eligible to receive this Early Bird Airdrop, users need to participate in score collecting tasks as below:

  1. Visit BIB Meta official website and subscribe to our official website [+5]
  2. Follow BIB Meta on Twitter [+5]
  3. Retweet the top message of BIB Meta [+10]
  4. Tweet and @three friends [+15]
  5. Follow @jearonwong on Twitter [+10]
  6. Join the BIB telegram group [+5]
  7. Join the Discord channel of BIB Meta [+5] (big channel, the community
  8. will give the link)
  9. Invite a friend to get extra score [+10] (repeatable)
  10. Submit a BEP20 wallet address [+1]

The top 105 score-getters can share the 1000 USDT prize pool, of which the top 3 score-getters will get $100 USDT each! The list of winners will be announced on BIB Meta’s Official Twitter and Discord channel, and the prizes will be released within one week after the end of IDO.

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