Cyber Senate is hosting their 9th Annual Control Systems Cybersecurity Conferences in the US on September 29th – 30th and in the UK on November 15th – 16th. These conferences will provide comprehensive insights into protecting embedded control systems that operate within utilities, energy, water, and transport technologies.

With relentless cyber threats and vulnerabilities, voices against malicious cyberspace attacks are rising in loud concert in being able to secure critical systems. Protecting critical infrastructure, facilities, and machinery is complex. The boundaries between the physical and digital worlds are disappearing, and the stakes are becoming higher than ever. The exponential rise of connected technologies has made early detection and response to cyber threats even more important. The frequency of security breaches and data leaks continue to increase, and it therefore comes with no surprise that cybersecurity conferences are in demand as never before.

Cyber Senate’s 9th Annual Control Systems Cybersecurity Conferences in the US and UK appeal to manufacturing CISOs, key OEM Chief Product Security Officers, and OT professionals. Shared subject matter will provide these professionals with the information, knowledge, and strategies they need to protect their critical infrastructure from cyber-attacks. These world-class SCADA Conferences focus on security issues: identifying threats to industrial control systems and securing these critical assets from attack.

The 9th Annual Control Systems Cybersecurity Conference will be held on September 29th – 30th, 2022, in the US, Florida, Orlando, and November 15th – 16th in the UK, London, Canary Wharf. The conferences will feature deep dive panels of the world’s leading technology leaders and subject matter experts, including executives from implementation teams of leading utility companies, government agencies, corporations, and their respective enterprise products and services. Discussions will include how their organizations are managing, securing, investing in and progressing with cyber-resilience and cybersecurity technologies. A dedicated page has been created with more information for the US event.

Cyber-attacks on critical infrastructure and cyber threats to public safety are not just headlines; they are very real and can be crippling to organizations and economies. These SCADA events will enlighten organizations on the potential risks and threats of cyber-attacks, trends and strategies for managing risk, best practices for mitigating cyber-attacks, articulating positions to the public, decision-makers, and increasing workforce awareness and understanding of relevant topics.

These conferences provide a platform for participants from the government and private sectors to communicate, exchange ideas and gather statistics that will help build a strong foundation for the proper implementation of countermeasures. In addition, they provide an opportunity to share knowledge and information on the latest trends in the fight against cyber threats, including attacks, vulnerabilities, mitigation, and prevention. These events are unique opportunities to learn from the best in the industry and interact with subject matter experts.

If you are a professional tasked with securing utilities, energy, water, power, and transport systems, then you should not miss Cyber Senate’ Annual Control Systems Cybersecurity Conferences. Together with industry regulators and leading cybersecurity experts, they will share insights on the latest trends, solutions, and technologies. Register now!

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