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With more than 25 countries now offering digital nomad visas to lure workers from overseas, the demand for legalised UK income documents is rising even more, specifically as the borders open up following the COVID-19 pandemic.

This increased demand particularly applies to P45 and P60 documents that are required as proof of employment, income or fiscal residency during the application process for digital nomad visas. 

Backed by years of experience in the legalisation field and thousands of happy clients, London Apostille Services Limited (L.A.S.) makes preparations to meet this surge in demand to support the UK workers planning to take advantage of the growing number of opportunities to work overseas.

With increased working hours to now include Saturdays, their partnership with an external notary service provider and the tightening of their back-end operations, the team at is prepared to meet this increased demand and bear the results of massive changes in the world of remote working and digital nomad lifestyles.

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What are P60 and P45 documents?

A P60 document is given to an employee by his or her employer at the end of a given tax year. It details earnings and tax contributions for the year, as well as any statutory paternal pay and student loan deductions.

A P45, on the other hand, is an HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) document given to an employee at the end of their time working for a company. It includes details such as total pay and tax contributions to date and comes in three parts.

In the case of the P45, Part 1A is for the employee to keep their records. As no original replacements can be given out for this document, we highly recommend that you get a copy of it apostilled instead, which would also require solicitor certification.

London Apostille Services Limited is able to provide this solicitor certification as well as the subsequent legalisation service in just a matter of days. 

Reasons you may need a P60 or P45 legalised

Certain countries will require legalised P60 or 45 documents as proof of income abroad, proof of previous employment abroad or for double taxation arrangements.

Countries such as Georgia and Portugal are those who request proof of income most often, though many other countries may require them in their visa application processes as well.

Applicants are welcome to have original copies as well as copied, printed or electronic forms apostilled for their applications. Please note that any non-original copies will require solicitor certification and that this is highly recommended as obtaining duplicates of the original P60 or P45 documents can prove very difficult and, in some cases, impossible.

London Apostille Service’s solicitor certification services start from just £35, whereas apostille services start from £79.

Who is London Apostille Service Ltd.?

London Apostille Service Ltd. is a professional, non-government agency that acts as an agent on its clients’ behalf to simplify the certification and legalisation process for them.

With close relationships with the UK Foreign Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO), London Chamber of Commerce & Industry (LCCI), various embassies and notary service providers, they are there to provide dependable certification services with a turnaround time of as little as just one day.

With increased readiness to meet the surge in demand for apostilled P45 and P60 documents, London Apostille Service is available to hear order inquiries and fulfil orders with the utmost professionalism.

All interested clients are encouraged to fill in an inquiry form on or, if they are ready, put in an order online and follow the next steps.

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