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Stone Industrial Co. Ltd is one of the leading companies offering a variety of solutions for the manufacturing industry

Introducing Stone Industrial Co., Ltd., the company engaged in offering solutions for mechanical industries. The company is engaged in supply chain management, the manufacturing industry, providing solutions, and quality control. They offer expertise in delivering various kinds of products to their customers.

The company offers expertise in investment casting, cold forging, hot forging and a lot more.

Investment Casting:

This is a popular precision casting process that offers designing flexibility. That is not all, there are several cost advantages as well when the process is used, which makes the process quite cost-effective.

Through this process of investment casting molten metal is poured into a mold. This specific mold is created with the help of a wax model, which is later melted and drained when the mold is ready. This is one of the reasons why the process is also known as lost wax casting. Different types of investment casting products include steel casting, stainless steel fitting, floor drains, railway parts, impellers and more.

There are many advantages to the process of investment casting, which has made it a popular process. Since it is known for its flexibility, the process ensures that intricate forms can be easily made. In fact, forms with undercuts that are quite in demand are also made. The products have a smooth surface, which is one of the primary benefits of the process. There is no parting line either.

Parting line appearance is basically unavoidable in case of other processes, but when investment casting method is used, there is no appearance of parting line. This is certainly an added advantage. Stainless steel press fitting and stainless steel press fittings are one of the most in demand products from the process.

With the development of new alloys, it is now possible to cast more complex parts. Thus, the earlier task of combining different parts so that an intricate shape can be achieved can now be totally avoided. Thus, this helps in saving a lot of money and time as well. It also reduces the scope of error.

The process is perfect in many ways. It is just perfect for producing a wide variety of products that can be used in different industries. There are a variety of alloys and steels as an option. Thus, the designers do not have to worry about the entire production that they had visualized.

About Stone Industrial:

Stone Industrial is a leading OEM manufacturer that is engaged in providing solutions to meet the needs of customers. The company works with different industries that include automotive, construction, gardening, valve & pump, tools, meter & instrument, food & pharmacy and a lot more.

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