A Riveting And Soulful Life & Stories Captured In A Book, Set to Release On August 6th, 2022 1

Cincinnati, Ohio – Aspiring author Jenny Zimmer has written her second book, “A Carpet of Violets and Clover”, which contains Short Stories, Personal Essays, and Poetry for the warm and compassionate, and those who ache to be warm and compassionate. In her book, available on Amazon, Jenny shares is very close to her heart, and all inspired by life. The short stories were penned out of her fascination for flash fiction. The essays have stemmed from personal experiences or observations. A love for nature has encouraged many of the poems and haiku.

Jenny indeed finds joy in nature and loves life to the fullest. She has condensed a small essence of her ‘self’ and soul in these heartfelt and diverse literary pieces that are set to make the audiences smile, tear up, laugh and most importantly, feel alive. The author has tried to makes sure the readers will not put down this book without feeling inspired.

The author says, “I describe my childhood in a small Western Kentucky town as a blessing! Memories from those years are a rich source of material for my short stories, essays and poems.”

Zimmer has also published a dedicated book of poetry titled “All The Moments Are Real” (2007) which is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. She has a variety of friends and enjoys evenings out with good wine and stimulating conversations.

Jenny Zimmer is a writer, artist and book lover! Retired from an executive position, she spends her time doing the things she loves. These include not only writing but other activities that fuel her creative spirit and soothe her soul. Jenny is sensitive and caring but also has a humorous side that comes out often in her short stories.

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