Chicago-bred entrepreneur and owner of Glencrest Global, John Cerasani making waves as a venture capitalist, serial entrepreneur, and business expert on the West Coast 1
With a rich entrepreneurial background, John Cerasani’s pivot to venture capitalism has been a seamless transition.

Chicago-bred entrepreneur and owner of Glencrest Global, John Cerasani making waves as a venture capitalist, serial entrepreneur, and business expert on the West Coast 2

The transition from working for someone to being an entrepreneur is often rocky. However, great entrepreneurs are marked by their resilience and dedication to growing their businesses. John Cerasani is a seasoned Chicago-bred entrepreneur who understands the transition and highlights his journey as an inspiration for others. 

According to John Cerasani, the entrepreneurial spirit never dies, even if an entrepreneur decides to retire. That is why he is back from retirement in a brand-new field, venture capitalism, with his new business, Glencrest Global.

The serial entrepreneur, business expert, and venture capitalist recounts his journey, from starting a business from his kitchen table to selling that same insurance business to a large private equity-backed player. He has established prosperous businesses in real estate, insurance, event planning, and food industries. His entry into the venture capital space marks a new experience and focus.

“I believe that all life experiences lead us in a direction, and circumstances will sometimes drive us to make decisions.”

Throughout his impressive career, John Cerasani has been featured in various publications like WGN, FOX, NBC, and CBS. At the age of 27, he was featured in Crain’s Business 40 Under 40 for his work with one of his companies.

After selling his insurance business, he decided to slow down and retire. Still, a few months into retirement, Cerasani decided to change his professional direction and invested his renewed energy into Glencrest Global, a venture capital business that has quickly grown into one of the most recognized early-stage firms in the US. The company is currently engaged in more than 30 deals and has formed business partnerships with high-profile founders like Jaleel White, Kevin Garnett, Ashley Greene, and Aaron Rodgers.

John Cerasani shares that entrepreneurship chose him, and the moment he decided to embrace the opportunities it presented, he began thriving. He shares highlights and insights from being a business leader with other entrepreneurs to help them succeed in their business ventures.

“Opportunities will come in different forms each and every day. You need to look for them and know when to embrace them. It is important to keep an attitude of realistic optimism when approaching any situation. Even challenging circumstances are opportunities to learn and grow.”

Cerasani is also working on his second book, “2000 Percent Raise,” which provides people with a blueprint to help them pivot from working for others to working for themselves in successful businesses. He also uses his social media platforms to share entrepreneurial wisdom and connect with business partners, business influencers, and entrepreneurs.

Besides excelling in business, Cerasani was a scholarship athlete and Division 1 football player at Notre Dame and Northwestern University. He is also involved in philanthropic efforts and works with non-profits to ensure that higher education is accessible to underserved communities.

Learn more about Glencrest Global, its founder John Cerasani and the release of his second book from the website and his social media pages.

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