Nationwide Solar Pros: The Innovative Solar Solutions For Home

Nationwide Solar Pros solar panels provide a clean energy source right from the roof or ground-mounted system.

Higher energy usage and the resulting exorbitant energy bills are common during the summers. Rising temperatures in a hot area make living unbearable, and with these rising temperatures, the energy bills will rise too. Solar panels are a terrific way to minimize one’s home’s environmental impact, offset energy expenses, and enjoy several additional advantages including supporting local companies and promoting energy independence. Keeping in mind the high costs of energy, Nationwide Solar Pros – a FREE, non-biased residential solar consultation service – brings to their consumers a clean and affordable energy source right from their roof or ground-mounted systems, helping them to combat the rising costs of ComEd & other energy giants.

Nationwide Solar Pros is currently working on the massive-scale goal of providing over 2000 solar panel installations in 2022 in the states of IL, AZ, CA, & TX. To incentivize this installation and encourage the solar community of IL, Nationwide Solar Pros is offering $500 per installation for a total of $1M. They also plan to contribute an extra $500 per installation to the municipalities when they promote the “Summer of Solar” campaign to make IL one of the brightest shining states in the Midwest.

Solar power has become a low-cost source of electricity generation in Illinois, providing new jobs, businesses, and economic development in the state. Locals benefit from powering the economy with solar energy. More and more utilities, corporations, and the general public want electricity from clean, renewable energy, including solar. Some of the United States’ largest corporations have invested in solar projects in Illinois, including IKEA and Target. With the demand for more renewable energy sources, solar is the new cash crop for farmers also. Solar power only takes up a small amount of land and provides a new source of income for landowners and rural communities. This is precisely the aim of Nationwide Solar Pros – giving back to the communities through solar installations and large cash rebates to the residents and municipalities.

Nationwide Solar Pros believes that making a difference for the planet can make a difference in one’s pocket! With the rising cost of energy production every year, solar panels create an immediate and permanent reduction in monthly energy expenses by 20-40% on average! Nationwide Solar Pros represents the largest solar companies on the planet. Through its strong and widespread partnerships, they leverage nationwide expertise and professional services that are second to none!

About the Company:

Nationwide Solar Pro is a solar consulting company that provides solar panels to homes on 25+ states. The company educates its clients on how to select solar panels for their homes, provides the rebate information for them, and enrolls them in the process of getting solar panels.

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