Sanjay K – An Example of How Knowledge Can Bring Joy 1
Sanjay K - An Example of How Knowledge Can Bring Joy

Sanjay Kethineni is a man with a lot of entrepreneurial spirit. He has spent time in almost every corner of public knowledge, ranging from programming, facial aesthetics, medicine, as well as art. He has been programming almost straight out of the womb, starting his first programming services at the young age of 12, writing a full fledged game modification, as well as marketing it and creating an authentication and subscription system for his users. He later used his extensive knowledge in programming and art to start a small clothing line, “Atelier de Charcuterie” — available at, however it seems to be a little inactive as of recently. Although there are many copy and paste clothing lines that don’t bring anything new or unique to the field, Sanjay’s ideas and designs are unique and not seen before. ADC’s site is not the usual templated copy paste that every drop shipper seems to use, bringing a whole new style into play.

How did Sanjay become so knowledgeable in these fields? Well, as he says “The hunger for knowledge is inevitable once you begin to step away from the mindlessness of social media and daily life”, saying that the pressures of daily life lead him to where he is now. In a world that requires more than 4 interviews to get a highly competitive job, the grind for knowledge seems inevitable. In addition to this, nepotism still exists albeit in a much lighter sense, so every advantage has to be taken.

In addition to his natural drive for knowledge, Sanjay was also raised in a house with parents who loved to see their sons prosper and gain knowledge, and they encouraged him and debated with him on every new topic of interest he set his sights on.

Currently, he is inactive in his entrepreneurial pursuits to focus on his education full time. He hopes to bring light to modern day issues that are glazed over. In his free time, he loves socializing with his friends, working out new business deals, and stimulating his brain through expanding his knowledge base. His portfolio and contact are available at

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