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How to Find the Perfect Love: Step by Step Guide to a Fruitful, Fulfilling, and Healthy Relationship is a confidence- boosting read that will brighten your mindset. Author Darrell Canty provides a plate full of self-confidence, self-awareness, and understanding of the right amount of balance to a relationship. It is a great reference when you need a reminder of how special you are.

He writes: “When one is well physical, spiritual, and emotionally, along with the correct principles one can truly encounter their authentic way of being a supreme being.”

Canty was candid in admitting that along with so many, he has yet to figure out how men and women relate. Hungry for answers, he believes his book will deliver a clear vision of how men and women were intended to communicate and interact in a healthy loving relationship. He added that his book also, includes insights on dealing with many misconceptions like what to expect with online dating, false expectations of your partner, and the myth of we just need to communicate better.

How to Find the Perfect Love has taken a deep dive into a modern phenomenon of finding love and acknowledging the attributes to be roadblocks to finding happiness, and the right partner. Combining data and research with in-depth information, the book explores the topic of love, self-love and happiness and their impacts on how we can navigate through life. It also identifies and deconstructs issues that most people finding love are experiencing in their everyday lives while offering an actionable, concrete solution to their struggles.

While reading How to Find the Perfect Love, you’ll realize that you are far from alone in your struggles, and you’ll even find some nuggets of advice to take for yourself that you can too utilize for whatever life throws your way.

Author Darrell Canty’s book, How to Find the Perfect Love: Step by Step Guide to a Fruitful, Fulfilling, and Healthy Relationship, will be exhibited at the 2022 Miami Book Fair, to be held from November 14- Nov 21, 2022. The book will dazzle readers who love self-help books. The Miami Book Fair aims to promote reading and writing; spread awareness of the literary arts in Miami’s multi-ethnic community. The book fair will present book signings, author talks, panel discussions, musical performances, and many other activities to the attendees.

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Publisher‏: ‎iUniverse (October 4, 2021)

Language: ‎English

Paperback: 98 pages

ISBN-10: 1663229341

ISBN-13: 978-1663229342  


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