Leadership Coaching for Enhanced Professional Performance and Burnout Avoidance for Women Entrepreneurs and Leaders by Angela DeAngelo Owens
Angela Owens works with women seeking to enhance emotional intelligence and boost skills that will help them maintain a work-life balance, initiate and accept change, lead teams effectively, and do more with their time. She guides and inspires clients to bridge the gap between their current and desired positions.

According to announcements released by Angela DeAngelo Owens, the leadership coaching and performance boosting guidance offered with this program enables women to achieve desired objectives personally and professionally.

Angela helps women facing burnout regain confidence and discover their strengths. She runs a dynamic coaching program that guides women on how to face challenges, get out of the rut, and acquire a high-performance mindset. She knows how to make women realize the underlying driving forces that determine their conduct, which can lift their lifestyles and self-esteem to a much higher level.

Angela’s clients include women looking for a more fulfilling change in their careers, new leaders, and budding entrepreneurs. Her expertise has benefited organizations that have desired to build more effective teams.

This coaching professional has led tech teams in banking, oil and gas, architectural design, home building, wellness and airlines. Her expertise includes agile delivery, product-driven development, and leadership empowerment.

Her clients aged 28-55 are upskilled to acquire a mindset to adjust to disruptive change, create a vision of success over a fixed period, develop one’s professional image and personal brand, get over fears, and stay motivated for longer periods through visualization techniques and discipline.

Angela trains her clients to identify opportunities in chaos, develop habits and routines that benefit the most during the chaos, balance work, and family life, and ensure that there’s always time to give to the kids and spouse.

Under Angela’s guidance, women have rediscovered their zest for work and life while getting back their confidence to take up new challenges.  

Leadership Coaching for Enhanced Professional Performance and Burnout Avoidance for Women Entrepreneurs and Leaders by Angela DeAngelo Owens 1

For more information, go to https://angelaowens.com/

Angela DeAngelo Owens said, “Angela Owens is a collaborative and thoughtful technology leader that has been leading organizations for over 25 years. She has a high-energy personality with strong analytical skills, combined with the ability to build empowered organizations driven by teamwork. Angela has a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology, Biology and an MBA with a concentration in Data Analytics. 

She also has several certifications in business process management, technology delivery, and project management methodologies.”

During the pandemic, Angela completed a master’s in business administration with a concentration in Data Analytics. With over 25 years of leading organizations, she has studied the psychology of organizations, productivity dynamics, and how “change” can impact outcomes.

She has maintained a rank in her wellness company for eight years and loves helping women feel their best while creating a life they love.

“I look forward to helping you align your goals, wellness, and purpose as you step into the life you deserve. I don’t have it all together – trust me, I don’t! But I have figured out how to live life, soak up moments, and push through that “stuck” feeling. 

While navigating the corporate space, self-employment, and entrepreneurship, I learned how to repurpose fear and create a shift that changed my life. This shift dissolved feelings of “not being enough” and “not fitting in.” I knew I was not alone in unworthy feelings and felt drawn to helping others make similar changes.”

About Angela:

Angela Owens helps women understand and justify their potential by assisting them in getting started on a journey of self-actualization. She helps them set goals and get over inhibitions and apprehensions. From women who wish to earn a passive income to those in leadership roles, Angela Owens has worked with all and helped them succeed.

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