“Heptagon Company brings together Metaverse, Blockchain, and Live broadcast events under one platform and offers users earning opportunities.” Heptagon offers sports fans an experience where they can both watch sports events in a Metaverse environment and earn income with Stake: Watch, Stake, Earn. Would like to try live broadcast experiences in a Metaverse environment? Heptagon, with its strong infrastructure and partnerships, brings Sports and Art to the Metaverse world, while at the same time offering an ecosystem that allows the audience to earn income. 

Viewers will be able to connect to the Heptagon Dapp live streaming platform with their decentralized wallet, and they will be able to both watch the events and earn staking income with the Hepta Stake platform. The platform distributes up to 70% of all net income to users as stake income. 

Thus, in this Golden Circle, people get the opportunity to be on the winning side of sports, not just the spectator side. HeptagonDapp: Heptagon Company announces that its first product called Heptagon Dapp will be launched before the listing of Hepta Token. Istanbul-based software company CEO said that Heptagon Dapp will usher in a new age for broadcasting from sports events to concerts and added that Company’s main target is together sports, Blockchain, and live stream events in one ecosystem. 

Users will be able to watch live broadcasts by connecting to the platform with their decentralized wallets and also benefit from staking opportunities. HeptagonMetaverse: With cooperation, Mapcloud and Erachain-Blockchain company builds a Heptagon Metaverse which in it users can find stadiums and Arenas of the teams they support and can watch sports events and concerts in this Metaverse using Hepta Token in 3D. 

In Heptagon Metaverse, users will be able to find the stadiums and Arenas of their favorite teams in a virtual environment by following the same coordinates in the real world. Users will have an ID in the platform when they connected the platform with their decentralized wallets, their public keys of the wallets will be their platform ID. 

They will be able to shop avatars and change them with others on the Avatar Platform. They can visit the stadiums of the teams they support in the virtual universe, watch the live broadcasts in 3D, take selfies and share them on their social media accounts. In the Heptagon Metaverse, they will be able to both shops with Hepta Token from the official stores of the teams they support, as well as have the NFTs of the objects they buy and transfer them to their decentralized wallets. 

Stake opportunity: In addition, the platform offers users the occasion to earn income from the platform net revenues with the opportunity of Hepta Stake. Hepta Token, which was produced in a limited number and with a fixed supply, offers both the opportunity to shop, and to watch the events. Also, users will have the opportunity to earn from the platform revenues with Stake. Hepta Token’s total supply is just 360M and, Heptagon Company just launched its first ICO phase. A total of 110 million Hepta are reserved for the 2 ICO periods. Details are available on the website and WP. Website: hptgn.io heptagoncorp@gmail.com support@hptgn.io Twitter: @heptagoncorp Telegram: https://t.me/HeptagonGlobal

Twitter: @heptagoncorp

Telegram: https://t.meHeptagonGlobal

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Company Name: Heptagon
Contact Person: Omer Cihangir COBAN
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Country: Turkey
Website: hptgn.io

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