2022’s must read creative nonfiction book titled God’s Answer To Abortion discusses supernatural dreams and visions in the year that the Mayan Indians predicted the end of the world 1

Written by Taylor C. R. Patterson, herself who is a non-denominational devoted Christian and follower of Jesus Christ. God’s Answer To Abortion was released with much reader anticipation due to its timely topic, in which the author reveals she had no idea when she started writing her book in 2012 that the completion and publication of her book would align with the current state of the United States Roe-Vs-Wade supreme court decision which would be finalized and released exactly 33 days prior to Taylor’s book being released to the public. Written in the style of a creative nonfiction book, which is based on Taylor’s real life supernatural experiences/ story where she is taken on a spiritual journey through dreams and visions. During this life changing experience, she heard the voice of the Holy Spirit say, “Write the Book.” During the process Taylor’s life was changed forever and she hopes that her book will help others to experience an enlightened spiritual journey of their own.

2022’s must read creative nonfiction book titled God’s Answer To Abortion discusses supernatural dreams and visions in the year that the Mayan Indians predicted the end of the world 2

Book cover of God’s Answer To Abortion

In God’s Answer To Abortion, the protagonist is a staunch Abortion Advocate, Casual Christian, and notorious Party Girl. In the year of 2012 an unseen guide takes the protagonist through multiple dimensions and several places spanning the entire universe, including Heaven, Hell, and different earthly geographical locations, all of which she had never traveled to in real life.  The places she was brought to range from breathtakingly beautiful to downright uncomfortable. It’s like comparing Heaven to Hell’s Gate. As she goes through this incredible supernatural journey, Jesus begins revealing His answers regarding life, death, abortion, and the significance of numbers which can contain hidden messages to her. Jesus also revealed that He can use all living things, including insects to deliver messages to human beings. One of the stories in the book reveals how Jesus used a  Praying Mantis, which happened to land on the tire of Taylor’s parked car one day to reveal a hidden message to the Orthodox Jew. By the end of her journey and the dreams and visions which came to a screeching end in December of 2012, it becomes painfully clear to the former party girl that Heaven and Hell are undoubtedly real. 

Throughout the book, Taylor includes pictures of real life artifacts, people, and messengers that were sent to her during her supernatural journey to help readers understand and clearly visualize the dreams and visions as they were presented to her by God. More than visions and revelations, the book discusses the following as well:

One of the Chapters in the book titled, Do Numbers Have Meaning? * (44), reveals the biblical meaning of several numbers, including the number 44 – the number of chosen people. There is a connection between the number 44 and the number 22.  The number 22 represents the Sons of Light, and the number 44 has to do with the chosen ones, who are Sons that have been given Life.

  1. What is life?
  2. Where does life begin? How does life begin?
  3. Can man define life when he can’t explain dreams?
  4. How can man define life, when, where, or how it begins when he still can’t explain or fully understand dreams or the subconscious mind?
  5. So then, what are dreams? Where do they come from?
  6. Why do they occur? And why can’t science explain them?
  7. If science can’t explain something as complex as dreams, can science explain something as complex as life?
  8. So, what is abortion?

Excerpts from the book:

“For love is strong as death” (Song of Solomon 8:6). 

Have you ever been so hungry for love from someone, hungry for love from someone who simply didn’t love you back and never would? How did it feel?

Unrequited love is a bore, isn’t it? Better stated: it is truly painful.

– from the chapter, The Hungry Baby

More excerpts from the book:

 “I just had the darndest dream.” A hungry little baby drank water and ate a whole banana. The baby ate so fast he appeared to be starving.  I awoke.

When I finally figured out what was happening to me…my eyes opened, and my ears began to listen.

So really, what is abortion? Let us remove our scientific and medical brains and answer that question with our hearts. 

I hope this book helps to open the eyes and hearts of the world to a luminescent light so bright, that it surpasses all understanding, a light that cannot and will not be dimmed, a light that I hope, will save your life, like it did mine

– from the chapter, The Life That Started It All – The Swingers

Early reviewers of the book agreed that Taylor’s writing style made them feel like they were also brought along with the protagonist’s journey and could feel the protagonist’s fear at times when she thought she could not escape the dim and dreary places. Christians will definitely appreciate the book and its revelations as it truly provokes the reader to think about life and abortion with an open mind.

“The ultimate goal of the book is to help readers understand life at its core and look at life events with greater awareness,” commented Patterson. She adds that, “A human being who can only understand life through the lens of science, severely limits their path to true life and understanding which exists beyond the flesh. A man who can only believe in that which he can see, cannot even believe in his own breath, which he cannot see.”

Interested readers can purchase God’s Answer To Abortion on AmazonTrilogy Christian Publishing, and most major retailers. 

Taylor Coco Rochelle Patterson is a devoted follower of Jesus Christ and non-denominational Christian. She accepted Jesus (Yeshua) as her Lord and Savior as a young girl. However, her journey like many others led her on many different paths in life, many of which were not leading to God. She is an alumnus of The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), School Psychologist, Adjunct Professor, and Zumba dancer. She also has a background in theatrical arts. She was raised by a single Christian mother with strong values. She also became a single teenage mother at a very early age. In the year of 2012, her life changed forever and would never be the same. She experienced a series of events that turned her heart of stone into a heart for God, into a heart for Jesus and into a heart for the children.

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