The Francis Santa Scholarship: Helping the Future Entrepreneurs of Today 1
The Francis Santa Scholarship: Helping the Future Entrepreneurs of Today
Francis Santa
Boca Raton Entrepreneur Francis Santa Launches Scholarship to Provide Funds to Business Students

Boca Raton, FL – What an entrepreneur has at their disposal can become potential tools that they can use to find success. A network connection and money are just simple examples of what an entrepreneur can utilize in their journey to become successful in the entrepreneurial world, but their knowledge and skillset are one of the strongest tools they have. Finding and nurturing these 2 tools is a surefire way to prepare yourself as an entrepreneur which is why attending a school that can teach and train you these necessary knowledge and skills is an important stepping stone to success. Despite education playing an important role in success, not all young entrepreneurs can attend university due to financial concerns that stop them from attending. Francis Santa is saddened by this fact which is why he has launched a scholarship program that’ll help any aspiring entrepreneur in the future.

The Francis Santa Scholarship is a fund that is primarily geared towards entrepreneurs and students who wish to pursue opening a business in the future. The scholarship program is open and available to all students currently enrolled in university in business courses that will help them become an entrepreneur. Furthermore, the scholarship isn’t only eligible for students in university but is also accepting applicants who want to become an entrepreneur in their future such as high school students who are graduating and planning to enter university. The scholarship is going to be awarded $1,000 that will go to the winner of an essay contest.

Francis greatly encourages any aspiring entrepreneur to try their shot at applying for his scholarship program. He hopes that his scholarship program will serve as a helpful opportunity for those who want to become an entrepreneur but may be having financial difficulties. This scholarship program serves as Francis’ way of giving back to the next generation of young entrepreneurs by developing them to be competent individuals through quality education. Francis wishes that this scholarship will be a fair way to help young entrepreneurs by giving a fair chance for everyone to apply.

Families who are in a tough financial situation often find it difficult to keep up with the rising costs of education. Often students have to take the time out of their personal or academic life to keep up with the financial responsibility of attending university which makes it unnecessarily difficult to properly balance those two. Balancing different aspects of your life is an important trait for any entrepreneur as an imbalance can cause you to severely underperform. Francis Santa knows this to an extent and understands the role education plays as he has found success by attending the University of Hartford and becoming the founder  of Business Image Lift in 2014.

Anyone interested in grabbing this opportunity and applying for the scholarship can head on over to the Francis Santa Scholarship website and page where they can learn more about the scholarship program. Applicants can explore more details of the program as well as keep updated with any details and requirements they have to accomplish while sending their scholarship applications.

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