Muscadine Naturals Examines Antioxidants People Need to Eliminate Free Radicals Making Them Sick. 1

How did a company with health as their top priority come to be?

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, August 18, 2022 / — Muscadine Naturals Inc. began in the summer of 2001, like many businesses do, with a question from one of the founding owners: “Why don’t Japanese beetles eat Muscadine Grapes like they do French Grapes?” They had a nerdy scientist in the neighborhood, of course, who swiftly responded, “It’s because the grapevine, like many plants, produces polyphenolics that protect it.” Naturally, the next inquiry was, “What is a polyphenolic?”

These basic questions led to more questions and the founding of the company to develop a series of all-natural dietary supplements made from the grape skins of the Muscadine grape, North Carolina’s State Fruit. MuscadinePlus, a dietary supplement, was invented and made available for purchase in March of 2005.

While research on the Muscadine grape is impressive, most of the scientific community, with the exception of a few southern universities, knew very little about this exquisite grape. One of the company’s missions is to raise the profile of the Muscadine grape in the scientific, medical, and health care fields. The company’s products have recently been studied in cells, animals, and human clinical trials. Muscadine Naturals intends to maintain its lead in generating innovative all-natural Muscadine grape products as research continues.

Muscadine Naturals’ philosophy is straightforward. They wish to make available to everyone what Mother Nature has created. They can ensure the quality, safety, and effectiveness of their products by owning the entire process, beginning with the vineyard. Muscadine Naturals is driven by the knowledge they are providing the safest and most effective Muscadine products available, backed by scientific study. They are confident in their beliefs because they are certain of three fundamental facts:

* Their scientific examinations of the Muscadine grape, as well as research studies conducted at prominent universities, show the existence of several phytonutrients, which not only serve as antioxidants but also safeguard health in a variety of other ways.

* They are aware of many of the health benefits of phytonutrients based on their studies and those of others throughout the world.

* Independent testing confirms when they process Muscadine grapes using their unique technology, the beneficial phytonutrients are kept in a concentrated, unaltered form.

Muscadine Naturals remains at the forefront of promoting the Muscadine grape’s health advantages. Recently, the company joined with two of North Carolina’s largest vineyards. As a result of this collaboration, their company is now the state’s largest source of grapes. More importantly, the expansion will allow them to investigate more Muscadine Grape varieties and enhance their capacity to make massive amounts of supplements in order to serve a larger number of clients.

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Muscadine Naturals Examines Antioxidants People Need to Eliminate Free Radicals Making Them Sick.

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