The NFT Full Stack Solution and Scalable Public Blockchain

The first phase of the WormholesChain’s testnet will launch as early as September 2022.

Wormholes is a multi-dimensional and multi-layer scalable public blockchain.  Web3 cannot develop without a highly scalable and cross-compatible infrastructure. Wormholes Chain solves the blockchain trilemma, which entails a necessary tradeoff between scalability, security, and decentralization, by building the technology to achieve the ideal balance between these three metrics, creating a highly scalable and secure blockchain network without sacrificing decentralization.

After more than four years of technology and architectural development, the WormholesChain has developed several innovative technologies to solve the blockchain trilemma.

1. The multi-dimensional chain structure can support an enormous sub-chain system, promoting network security while maintaining scalability, and support the huge ecosystem of the future.

Multi-Dimensional Blockchain Architecture: The Wormholes multi-dimensional blockchain architecture allows the realization of a linear increase in throughput with each additional chain and layer added to the system, allowing the Wormholes Blockchain to easily achieve high transactions per second (TPS). Furthermore, each parallel blockchain must also couple the headers of other chains, creating a system where the security increases exponentially as the system grows and additional parallel chains and blocks are added.

2. Dynamic Random Election (DRE) is an unpredictable, uncontrollable, and verifiable calculation method. With the support of both mathematics and network physics, it resolves the distribution monopoly effect of PoS systems and forms the foundation of the WormholesChain, a new, efficient, low-energy consuming, and relatively decentralized public chain.

Dynamic Random Election (DRE)-based Consensus Mechanism: A set of practical Byzantine fault-tolerant protocols for completely asynchronous environments. Safety properties of DRE are post-quantum secure.

3. The multi-layer architecture of the WormholesChain brings powerful and efficient layer-by-layer transaction processing capabilities in a decentralized environment while maintaining strong interactivity, providing the foundation for the efficiency of the multi-dimensional chain.

Multi-Level Blockchain System Structure: It consists of Transport, Blockchain, API, and Application levels, which make the Wormholes Blockchain network secure and efficient.

NFT Full Stack Solution – architectural layer minting of NFTs, dual-native token ERB & S-NFT, and a One-Click NFT Marketplace solution.

As the developers of a chain with highly scalable TPS performance, the Wormholes team recognizes that the Web3 world needs not only solid infrastructure but also a complete, full-stack solution to help onboard users and build a better Web3 ecosystem. Furthermore, in terms of onboarding users many different worlds, both online and offline and in Web2 or Web3, the NFT market continues to be the key. Only by creating a new source of demand and utility for NFTs can the NFT ecosystem continue to expand, something that we have sought to address through the creation of our NFT full-stack solution and the integration of NFTs with many aspects of our chain, forming key innovations that create diversified demand for NFTs and drive the Wormholes ecosystem.

Architectural level minting of NFT: Regardless of whether users choose to use the ERC-721 or ERC-1155 standard to mint NFTs, both result in significant consumption due to the computing power necessary to execute the contracts. Wormholes resolves the computing power issue with NFTs by combining a highly performant and efficient blockchain with architectural level minting, resulting in greatly reduced NFT minting and transaction costs. 

Native Fragmented S-NFTs: The Wormholes has two native assets – the fungible token ERB and non-fungible token S-NFT. Together, they power the unique Wormholes economic model, and Wormholes will create a future in which all NFTs can be subdivided.

One-Click NFT Marketplace: In addition to allowing NFTs to be quickly minted and circulated at low prices, the one-click NFT Marketplace allows for low cost or even free establishment of NFT trading services, forming one of the key services provided by the multi-functional nodes underlying the Wormholes Network.

The WormholesChain team recognizes the importance of creating user-friendly solutions that lower the technological barriers for developers looking to build their decentralized applications (DApps). The WormholesChain achieves this through the Wormholes Link, which takes over blockchain-related functions; it provides developers with a simple way to integrate their DApps and projects with the Wormholes Blockchain, allowing developers and creators to focus their time on what they do best – creating the best new Dapps and products.

WormholesChain Ultimate Goal

One click creates a chain

One click builds a node

One click issues cryptocurrency         

One click starts an NFT Marketplace One click mints an NFT

One click …

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